Sunday, November 27, 2011

NOTD: Anise Pearls for the Devil

This almost got one of my "evolution" titles, but I think that requires at least 3 versions of the mani, and this was only 2.  I'm impressed so far with this Anise brand, which as I mentioned I picked up at DSW - & if you're wondering if I went to DSW & left with no shoes, I did buy some but my shoe hauls lately have all been incorporated into my vlogs on my other blog, if your interested =)

Anise Pearls for the Devil is very dark & does come off as almost black in many lights, but a closer look shows purple & turquoise layered over the dark grey base.  I love vampy colors so no surprise I guess that I liked it on its own:

After a day or two I decided to stamp it up - I used China Glaze IDK & Bundle Monster image plate bm224.  This is an interesting, kind of snake-skin pattern, and I switched it up a bit between my two hands.  left hand the end with the smaller scales is matched to itself, right hand the end with the larger scales is matched to itself - and on my thumbs the design is stamped sideways, again opposite sides on the different hands.  Hope all that makes sense LOL but you can see the different look that it makes depending on how you double-stamp.  My favorite placement is my thumbs:

Didn't get as much catching up done as I wanted this weekend, but that's pretty par for the course I think LOL.  I'm going to try & post a few more things today & get closer to current =)  Thanks for reading.



  1. Nice mani :) Loved the stamp.
    Hey a question, how do u do to have such strong nails, mine are breaking every week :( don´t even know what else 2 do :(
    Hope you can give me some advice.

  2. Omg the stamping is AMAZING!!!!

  3. The polish combination for your stamping looks great; it makes me think of dragon scales.


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