Saturday, November 19, 2011

Guest NOTD: Rimmel Steel Grey

The name is misleading - this is definitely a taupe.  But I guess "Steel Taupe" wouldn't make much sense LOL.  Here is Mom wearing Rimmel Steel Grey:

As a side note - with this manicure mom accidentally put top coat on instead of base coat.  I told her she should take it off but she insisted she wanted to "experiment" by just doing base coat on top of that - well, long story short the next day came with the polish coming off several nails completely - a cleanly popped off nail shaped piece of polish LOL.  I don't know that she'd welcome me sharing this "senior moment" with you all (we'll see soon I guess)  but I think we all have our spacey moments.  So if you're ever having a moment & make this mistake - just start over!

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  1. aha, I used to put top coat on as a base because I didn't think there was a I do it properly :D

  2. Hello! Thank you so much for such a great blog. Where can I find more info on your manicure supplies? I love the brush you use to remove polish, and I wonder what kind of cups you use for water marble. Thank you!!

  3. JVALE19 - most of the notes on supplies & stuff are tagged on the blog under "nail maintenance," the brush I know I've included the details in the information box of my clean up tutorial =) for marbling I just use a 5 oz disposable paper cup

  4. I know some people that use that method so they don't have to remove it. And since they redo their nails every day. I think it's pretty clever :P Altho it would be annoying if it came off before you wanted it to.. :P

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  6. gets a pass for that one! That color is really pretty :)

  7. I'm loving the length of your nails right now. The color is great too!

  8. That's a great color on your mom and one of my faves from Rimmel.


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