Saturday, November 12, 2011

My 2 Year YouTube Anniversary!

I can't believe I've had my YT channel  for 2 years now.  I mean, at that time I thought it would be a miracle if anyone was actually interested to watch my tutorials - turns out I guess miracles happen, because 2 years later here I am with nearly 67,000 subscribers & just over 18 million overall views.
18 freaking million.  Saying it or typing it is WEIRD.  I keep waiting to wake up or something LOL.  That's an incomprehensible number to me - let alone applying it to something I did.
Here's a couple unboxing shots from when my new camera arrived - I am in love with this thing already, but it intimidates me, plus it's still in that shiny new phase where I'm a little nervous handling it.  Only time will fix that I guess, anytime I make a major purchase it makes me nervous for a while:

I've got a spare battery coming that I picked up on Amazon, & I also already got a new big memory card that can handle the HD video, a 16 gig Class 10 that's supposed to be able to write fast enough to keep up.
My 3 year blog anniversary is coming up in January - maybe this year I'll actually remember to celebrate it on the right day!
Thanks for reading =)


  1. I love ur water marbling tutorials so much!! U deserve more subs!!

  2. You deserve every subscriber you have and more :)
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the two years on youtube.. looking forward to more :)

  3. :o! I just bought a Canon today! But its 100 elph HS. I love canons :)

  4. Congrats on your 2nd anniversary. You have been blessed with a gift and I love to see all your nail design ideas. Looking forward to your future ideas...

  5. I really enjoy your work. Have fun with your new camera.

  6. Two years and we've been happy to have you for every second! :D

  7. Congrats! May you celebrate many more years =]

  8. Hi colett
    Great videos well done 2 years is great well done really good work I love all your nail art designs your so cool and so well how can I say it your amazing well done for 2 years!

  9. Can you do a candle flame nail art with firery colours



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