Saturday, November 12, 2011

NOTD: The Evolution of Anise Crocodile Tears

For those who did not see the haul post, this brand is available at DSW - yes, the shoe store.  Imagine my surprise =)
I started out with it plain, and as a deep green with slightly duo-chrome tendencies, it stands very well on it's own.  Anise Crocodile Tears:

After a few days, I wanted a change without actually changing polish so I added Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure:

Which for some reason I just wasn't in love with it that way, so I topped that with Matte Magic & this is the version I ended up actually wearing for several more days:

I have no real plans this weekend other than getting caught up with posting, so lots more pretties to come =)
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  1. What an amazing difference the Matte Magic caused, thanks for sharing.
    Now I need to buy the MM too, LOL
    Thanks for being so active on the Blog, youtube etc. - you are a huge inspiration for me.
    And my heart goes out for you in your loss. your grandfather will live in your heart for ever!

  2. Lovely layering, I even like the matt effect

  3. I wish I could get a bottle of that Hidden Treasure still! Every time I see you use it, I end up coveting the results, lol! So gorgeous.

  4. Sapheara, I recently bought the Nubar 2010, that still is available at least on Ebay, it's very similar - and veeery pretty. You can see pics on my blog, and probably a lot of other places, if you like, I get so distracted when I see that polish LOL

  5. I really like the Hidden Treasure and did not want to spend big bucks to buy it. So I did a search for a dupe and found Nubar 2010. I love it and am so glad I bought it. All because of your beautiful combinations with it. Thanks.


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