Saturday, November 12, 2011

NOTD: Icing Electric Emerald

This was a really nice green, although not quite as pretty on the nail I think as in the bottle.  In the bottle you get a little bit of a duo-chrome pink & blue flash at certain angles which basically is not to be found on the nail.  But, as I said, still very pretty - Icing Electric Emerald:

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  1. Gorgeous! What would it look like with Hidden Treasure on it?

  2. Oh that's really pretty! A shame the duochrome flash didn't translate better onto the nail but still nice anyway ^.^

  3. This colour is stunning!

    I finally tried out patching my nails, I used a tea bag and it seems to have worked well :) Thanks for putting up a tutorial for it.

  4. Your designs are so cute! from Norway :)

  5. you should put icing irish gold over it, i have that color and it is beautiful over emerald greens

  6. DESERTNAILS - gorgeous I bet - I've only had 1 color I didn't like HT over =)

    ANON - I have that too =) wish I'd thought of it while this was still on


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