Sunday, May 17, 2009

NOTD From My Most Recent Haul

Just a small haul. Just a few things that Head 2 Toe was out of. Plus a few that they didn't carry but 8ty8 did. I was actually pretty proud of my restraint:

Those of you who've been reading a while may be able to guess that since purple & glitter are 2 of my favorite things, the polish that called to me to be worn immediately was Color Club's Tru Passion. This is a great purple glitter with just a tiny bit of holo that you can see in a couple of these pics if you click to enlarge. This is 3 coats of color with 2 coats of Seche to mostly even out the gritty texture:

I really, really love this. I might have to go back for the rest of this collection the next time I place an online order.

Also, I actually did get around to trying the fake eyelashes this morning. I'll say it was an interesting experience LOL - look for the full review to be posted up tomorrow. Until then, thanks for reading.



  1. Nice haul, and that purple is beautiful!

  2. What a great haul ! You chose such a great colors :-)
    I also ordered some Color Club's polishes, including Tru Passion and Revvolution, and my package supposed to arrive in the next few days:-) Now that I've seen your pictures, I just can't

  3. Nice haul and I'm with you, I love that purple CC glitter. I've been very happy with the CC's I have.

  4. Saweet haul! I like the look of Branding Iron.

  5. Two of my favorites also. I have to check if I have this color. Looks fantastic on your gorgeous nails.

  6. KAE - Thanks!

    TULI - Can't wait to see your pics =)

    MARY - I had never tried any before I made these 2 online hauls, I love it & is so cheap!

    CLOCKWORK - I've seen all of these swatched, but I can't remember which blog I saw that one on ... it has a lot of depth on the nail.

    LUCY - Thanks =)

  7. OMG...u r awesome...i just love ur nailart... <3


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