Monday, May 4, 2009

Books 23, 24, 25

Have to play some catch up ... I usually keep my book posts as works in progress to fill in gaps between nail pics, but I'm kind of falling behind. I also lost a good chunk of my personal book list (where I don't have to worry about posting any spoilers LOL) when the comp crashed, so I'm glad I do at least have my blog record of what I was reading over the past couple of months.

Small Favor
Dresden Files Book 10
Jim Butcher

This book started a whole bunch of new paths for the overall mytharc of the series. I mean, it seems like there are always more questions raised than answered, but this one really left a lot of loose ends. Unfortunately, odds of them actually being resolved in the next book are next to none ... questions like the ones that got raised have a tendency to simmer in the background for a few volumes before they come to take their own place center stage.

7th Heaven
Women's Murder Club Book 7
James Patterson & Maxine Paetro

I have to admit I didn't write any notes on this book right away when I finished & the only things that now jump out in my memory I can't put down here because they are HUGE HUGE spoilers! On top of that, my friend (who got me reading this series) is going out of town just as book 8 comes out & didn't even bother to finish book 7 & discuss it with me! So I'm not sure if 8 will show up on my reading list, as there are a lot of other books coming out very quickly that I'm much more interested in.

Magic Bites
Kate Daniels Book 1
Ilona Andrews

A big thank you to Nixxy for recommending me this author & series. As with the first book in any series, there was a lot of world-building & foreshadowing going on, but that's great because it shows that the author has things planned. This series has a lot of unique twists on the usual urban fantasy themes. Kind of nice for a change that the vampires are not sexy predators but creepy undead puppets for the necromancers. And the ebb & flow of magic vs. tech adds a really new & different aspect to Kate's world.

I've actually already read the 2nd book in this series but I'm going to save that for another post =) I've got a fresh NOTD to post also (the dots did not grow on me) but I'd like to post up with sunshine pics so that will have to wait for tomorrow, while I cross my fingers that the rain stops long enough tomorrow for me to actuall take a few =) Thanks for reading.



  1. I'm interested in reading that Magic Bites series also. I got out all the short stories with Sookie Stackhouse. I also have the last book to read. I'm taking forever to read. Too much computer!

  2. LUCY - I'm picking up the newest Sookie from the library tomorrow - I'm so excited! Not to mention of course the 2nd season of True Blood starts mid-June =)

  3. Yay! The Ilona Andrews books get better as they go along, too :)

  4. NIXXY - I've got #3 in transit to my library right now, I can hardly wiat =)


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