Saturday, May 9, 2009

Books 26, 27, 28

Kind of short reviews in this installment of the Book List, but I'm falling behind so I wanted to post something on these:

Turn Coat
Dresden Files Book 11
Jim Butcher

There's nothing quite like the feeling of being fully caught up with a series. Contentment last for about 5 minutes before frustration & impatience set in at knowing you probably have about a year to wait before you get another fix, before any more questions are answered & many more are raised.

Magic Burns
Kate Daniels Book 2
Ilona Andrews

Good book. #3 is in transit for me to pick up. I haven't read much on what the plot of the 3rd book is, but I'm hoping it's not the end (I prefer a long series nowadays to a trilogy). While it's nice in a way to have all of the loose ends wrapped up, there's something about continuing a storyline in an established world vs. starting a new storyline in a new world, or even following someone else's perspective in an existing world.

The Treasure Keeper
Drakon Book 4
Shana Abe

The drakon are dragons that can shapeshift into both humans & smoke. This series is building more of a mytharc in the later books; the first one was almost a stand alone, without leaving too many loose ends hanging or open ended questions, but the last couple books have taken a different turn. Sometimes it's a little hard to figure out exactly where you are in the timeline at the beginning, as each book so far has followed different characters, but the author does a fair job of giving enough cues & clues to orient yourself

Thanks for reading about my reading =)



  1. Right now, I'm at the end of "The Lovely Bones" by Alice Sebold. AWESOME story.

  2. Colette - the Kate Daniels series is intended to be 7 books long, you'll be glad to hear! :)

  3. Thanks for another aurthor to add to my list.
    Shana Abe's books sound good. I have too many lists! Nail polish and books.

  4. THE PRETTY BROWN GIRL - Maybe I'll have to check that one out - I'm always looking for new authors, even though sometimes it takes me forever to get around to reading them.

    NIXXY - Yay! Good news indeed.

    LUCY - I know exactly what you mean LOL, I know I've got too many books laying around when I have to return them to the library, after having renewed 3 times, and still didn't have time to read them.


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