Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Recovering From A "Bad" Mani

OK, so it wasn't so bad that I needed like therapy or intervention or anything LOL, but I still wanted something on my nails that I knew would not disappoint. What's a girl to do? Why, pull out a holo of course! China Glaze L8r G8r from the OMG Collection.

I know a lot of people say a top coat dulls the holo, but on the other hand it extends the wear & so I usually put one on anyway. I took a pic to demonstrate the before & after difference; for this particular polish it didn't seem to dull the holo much, but the color came out a little darker & a tad bit more yellow. Here we have no top coat on ring finger (left) & Seche on the pinky (right):

And here are the rest of the pics, topcoat on all fingers. Unfortunately no sun here today! But lots of pics all the same. Some of the progressive pics came out a little blurry & I apologize but you still get the feel of the color even in those:

The overcast pic is actually one of my favorites. This is just a really cool tone of green when it's not in direct light & the holo gets so muted it's almost invisible.

One thing I've noticed the past couple manis is, now that my index finger is finally growing out to a decent length, it has a considerable curve to it on one side. It's not the most aesthetically pleasing thing some of the time, it photographs kind of lopsided, but other times or different colors it's barely noticeable at all (I thought it looked much worse with the pink french than with this holo). I have a feeling that my index & possibly my middle finger on my right hand will be the same way once I finish growing out the peeling & they start to hold on to some length. All I can say is ... sorry. LOL if you want to see my polish you'll just have to get used to my little mutie nail. Because I don't think it can be fixed & I'm not cutting my nails down back to the point it wasn't as noticeable.

Enough about my deficiencies ... I don't want you to think I'm fishing for compliments LOL. I did my toes a few days ago & finally got around to taking some pics of the pedi - China Glaze Raspberry Festival from the Summer Days collection:

Pretty bright compared to what I normally put on my toes ... I'm more likely to do a denim blue or a dark purple but I've gotten several compliments on this color.

If the sun comes out anytime soon, I'll get a few more pics, and some of the color changing pair also, but it's looking pretty gloomy the next few days =( Thanks for reading.



  1. That ChG polish is stunning. A must have for me, thanks for enabling :) I think we all have an oddball nail, but it's usually more noticeable to us than others.

  2. MARY - It seems like you see OMG on almost every blog - and it will eventually make an appearnace here too =) - but the rest of the collection doesn't get as much love unless someone is actually doing the entire collection.

    I think you're probably right on the nail too - seeing the pics enlarged while I'm editing doesn't help either LOL.

  3. L8r G8r is hotness, I really need to get on the train and buy this, looks amazing on you.

  4. Long live the holo polishes! I have 2 more I need to swatch (already did IDK). This green looks absolutely fab on you! :)

  5. That's one of my favorite holos - I always feel like my nails are dressed in satin when I wear it (and I always top-coat it too...it's still super-blingy). Lovely, and that color on your toes is gorgeous!

  6. This holo is soooo pretty. Glad you posted it. Nice color on the toes too. I've worn that same color on the feet. Your holo pictures are just beautiful.

  7. Thanks for all the pictures. Your nails look gorgeous. I have a nail that's a little wacky also. Yours really isn't noticeable. I love the holos. I'm trying to get them all.

  8. CLOCKWORK - Thanks =)

    THE PRETTY BROWN GIRL - I've got so many left to swatch! I'm going to say around 20 LOL! & I can barely wait, every one is so awesome.

    JAMIE - My mom begged me not to take it off LOL, I told her if she wanted to look at it longer she'd have to do it on her own nails =)

    VELVET - Thanks!

    LUCY - I've never yet met a holo I didn't fall in love with =)

  9. wow that looks sooooo good! awesome of you to take all those pictures!

  10. DEE - glad you enjoy them =) I like the challenge of trying to get a pic that really shows how gorgeous a holor is (or any other polish!)

  11. L8R G8R is really stunning and i'm really happy that i have it! hehe speaking of holo i'm on my HOLO WEEK on my blog, i'm posting all my holographic nail polish :) hope you visit and follow too if your interested, :) thanks in advance :)
    by the way, i'm your new follower :)


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