Monday, May 25, 2009

Hauls - Polish & Shoes!

Kind of a lot of shopping lately. I've been to Sally's:

Big Lots:

& although I hadn't had much luck lately prior to this trip, my Dollar Tree luck is looking up:

And for the shoes, some casual sandals & some more dressy heels, DSW:

I kind of have a thing for shoes. The only reason they haven't made it onto the blog yet is because I haven't gotten any new ones since I started it. It's hard to keep track (I don't keep a spreadsheet like I do for my polish LOL), but I probably have around 30-40 pairs of shoes. My shoe rack takes up most of one wall, and I have more boots & stuff in boxes under my bed. And although I usually tell myself "If I get these new black sandals, I should get rid of some old black sandals" that doesn't usually end up happening.

And then another Big Lots:

Yes, that says color changing on the packaging. And yes, as soon as I exited the store, I took them out of the bag & they did indeed turn bright pink & blue. I'll have to get a pic tomorrow when the sun is (hopefully) out again, along with pics of my fresh mani =) No, I couldn't stand my french manicure for more than a day, but I don't have time to edit up all the gorgeous pics of my new choice, so it will have to wait for tomorrow to be posted up.

Until then, thanks for reading.



  1. You hit it perfectly. You got a nice load of polishes. I love those high heeled sandals. Very pretty.

  2. GREAT HAUL! I'm so jealous! I've never been to Sally's before and No polish hauls form Big Lots either and my dollar store has no polish! I love those heels!

  3. Wow, nice haul! Color changing polish! So jealous! I need to check my local big lots... Your new heels are cute too :-)

  4. Great polishes, those heels though, oh so cute! ^^

  5. Wow - great shopping trip! I love shoes, but limit myself. I bought two pair of sandals this spring, which is a lot for me! :-)

    Those heels are great, and I'll look forward to seeing the polishes on you!

  6. My Big Lots and Dollar Tree are just not as good as your's. We don't get any of that stuff...I'm so jealous! I really like your new sandals and heels! I know what you mean...I have a shoe fetish!

  7. LUCY - Thanks!

    KITTYLUVSCOLOR - If you don't have a Sally's near you, don't forget you can always order online, and a lot of the time they have free shipping promotions.

    ADOREPINK - This package I found was the only one I saw, and it was all taped up like it had been through the war. It wasn't near the other polish either, more with the hair stuff, so keep your eyes peeled =)

    CLOCKWORK - Thanks!

    JAMIE - The only thing that saves me is I have a hard time finding my size, or I'd probably come home with more.

    VELVET - Even mine can be pretty hit & miss - I don't tell you guys about all the times I go & don't get anything LOL.

  8. wow you hit the jackpot.... I am sooooooooo jealous of all the bargain goodies American nail bloggers continually find,

    looking forward to seeing all your posts with these♥

  9. DEE - You've just reminded me I haven't shown a pic of these color-changing ones with their changed colors! I'll have to run out & snap a couple of pics while the sun is still shining.


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