Sunday, May 31, 2009

Garage Sales For The Win

Personally, garage sales are not my thing. Luckily, my mom is the complete opposite & she made a haul for me yesterday. OPIs - for a quarter! & some other stuff too:

From right to left: OPI Ponce De Lilac, OPI Virgin Island Velvet, OPI Pompeii Purple, Revlon Amethyst Smoke, Revlon Mocha Mirage & another OPI but this one unfortunately without a label. Not to mention the cute little decal stickers. ♥ Mom =)

That's all for now. I've just been so low-energy all weekend, I'm going to try & get back on top of things Monday. I did do a fresh mani, but that's a lot more pics to dig through & edit so I'm aiming to get that posted tomorrow. Thanks for reading.



  1. OPI for a quarter?! That is great, your mom is cool! :-)
    Cant wait to see them swatched.

  2. What a neat find! That is so sweet of your mom :D

  3. That's awesome! Your mom is a sweetie pie! Great garage sale haul.

  4. Nice of your Mom! My Mom would do things for me like that also. Great prices. Look forward to seeing them all swatched.

  5. For a quarter, dag! That is excellent. ^^

  6. ADOREPINK - KAE - THE PBG - LUCY - CLOCKWORK - My mom is great - of course, she also raids my stash on a regular basis, so it's in her own best interest that I'm well-stocked LOL. She's said she'll never buy a polish for herself again because it's just easier to buy stuff for me & then borrow what she wants.


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