Tuesday, May 5, 2009

NOTD: ChG Orange Marmalade

Well, the dots didn't grow on me so they had to go last night. I decided to replace that mani with China Glaze Orange Marmalade from the Summer Days collection. It was almost pretty enough to wear by itself, but I wanted just a little embellishment, but I couldn't decide on a Konad design, so I ended up adding some rhinestone flowers. I'm not sure if I'm happy I did or not =/ But the color itself rocks. Please enlarge, especially the sun pics, to see the full gold flash this has:

I've had a TON of compliments on this today. I probably have less than 10 orange polishes in my entire collection. I resolve to give orange more of a chance, since it apparently likes me more than I like it.

My friend went & got a pedicure, and she came back with the cutest nail art on her big toe. It's not even really that complicated, I think I could do this myself if I wanted to do art on my toes, or maybe use the design on my nails:

I also got a load of free Revlon products in the mail today to review:

I got both the fake nails & eyelashes, even though I only requested the lashes. Nothing against fake nails but they're just not for me, so I'm not sure who I'm going to talk into being a guinea pig. Maybe mom. Maybe not.

The lashes, are not something I would normally mess around with, but hey - who am I to turn down free stuff? Maybe I'll shock myself & fall in love with falsies. I'll probably try my hand at applying them this weekend. Thanks for reading.



  1. Love that color on you! Have fun with all the free stuff! :)

  2. Looks very nice on you and I like your nail accents! Oranges can be tricky getting them to work color-wise and this one looks great. Enjoy your goodies :)

  3. Cute little flowers, like the summery base, really does look like marmalade!

  4. Colette your nails look beautiful! I love the embellishments. You hit the mother lode with the Revlon products. I tried neither product before. Have a good time trying them. Don't glue your lashes together!

  5. This color is stunning ! I usually don't wear oranges, but you made me want this one :-) it's so beautiful ! And I love those rhinestones you've added :-)

  6. OLIVIA - Thanks!

    MARY - I know what you mean with oranges, this is a great one.

    CLOCKWORK - Thanks =)

    LUCY - I'll admit I'm a little nervous with the lashes! But I guess I know from nail art I can have a steady hand when I want to, I'll just have to concentrate =)

    TULI - I actually had to go back & buy this color, I had picked up several others from this collection but passed it up because I don't wear orange much ... but the golden shimmer convinced me I had to have it after all.


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