Saturday, May 30, 2009

5 Excellent Things

Thursday, I finally got some pics of L8r G8r in the sun. It was hard to part with, but at least I got these before I took it off (this starts us off with Excellent Thing #1 - a holo in the sun):

Then, today (well, it's after midnight so I guess yesterday if you want to get technical) has, seriously, been an awesome day. I really don't think a single thing went wrong, and so many things went right! Starting with the mani I wore today & did last night (Excellent Thing #2 - a fresh mani).

I really wanted to do some fabulous Konad. I've seen plate m73 used recently on a couple of blogs, over at The Nailphile & La passion des ongles, so I decided to try out the cascading squares pattern with some (very messy) test skittles. Unfortunately, none of these combos were quite what I was looking for:

Another day I might have gone with one of those, but I ended up going through my unworns, looking for ... something. I really wasn't sure - until I found it. Savvy Golden Mauve, which I decided to Konad with China Glaze Passion & plate m36. This dusty mauve has a great golden shimmer, click to enlarge & check it out =) This is 2 coats of polish w/ Seche:

This really turned out well & although I certainly do love some bling on my nails, this subdued mani kept me smiling all day. Among other things - I had to work late Tues & Wed to get caught up after the holiday, but that meant I got to leave early today - at 12:30! & on a sunny gorgeous day also (Excellent Thing #3 - leaving work early for any reason).

As if I wasn't already having a great enough day, I totally lucked out at Big Lots! Which just goes to show they're always getting new stuff, since it had only been about a week since I went to this one. They didn't have a lot of these, but more of a selection than usual. Revlon Sweet Nothings & Dark Pleasures:

Right to left: Satin Sheets(720), Barely Blush(730), Rendez-Blue(745), Scarlet Letter(790), Talk Dirty(780), Midnight Affair(785), Steel-etto(800). Going from the way these are numbered, there must be some in the middle there, so I'm going to try & hit the other Big Lots again tomorrow & look for them. I also picked up some star-shaped glitter at the Dollar Tree next door to the Big Lots, but it's being too reflecting to cooperate taking a pic, so you'll just have to take my word. One bag of multicolored, one bag of silver & gold. (Excellent Thing #4 - a cheap polish haul)

Which brings us finally to Excellent Thing #5 - FREE STUFF

I got home from my grandparent's & checked the mail & almost tripped over a medium sized box on the front steps. I didn't remember placing any orders lately ... what could this be? I had totally forgotten that I requested one of the "limited number of samples available upon request" until I saw the return label - & I've got to give a huge thanks to Lisa Cocuzza of It's a Glam Thing for the opportunity to try & review this Hana Salon Mini Ceramic Flat Iron & Shine Shield hair serum:

Is that cool or what! I hope I'll have time to review it this weekend, but I've got a lot of other catching up to do, so I'm not going to make any promises (like I broke last time...). I know I've also talked about some things recently that I intended to post up that I haven't & honestly I haven't forgotten, I just haven't gotten around to everything yet. But I have no plans this weekend aside from a trip to the library, so hopefully I'll be able to get caught up with:
  • Review of the Hana ceramic flat iron
  • Review & comparison of the Mary Kay Satin Hands Sets
  • I'm very behind on my Books List - even when I don't have much free time, I still go through a lot of books just from reading at work
  • New NOTD & TOTD this weekend. I really like this mauve but I've got a couple chips already. I don't know if I was a particular klutz or what I did, but it's bugging me. And I'm sick of my toes being so freaking bright; I think I'm going to paint them dark again.

Thanks for reading =)



  1. Well what a perfect day you had! It's nice to have those every now and again :) That little flat iron look so cute! Love your nails, that mauve shade is very pretty.

  2. ♥ - I am soooo jealous of all these awesome polish hauls Americans get from Big Lots and Dollar Tree...... Those Revlon Dark Pleasure are really beautiful, i have seen them on other blogs and each one is very pretty.

    ♥ - I looooove those squares form the konad, they are sooooooo cool! I think konad needs to make a larger image though, or a longer image - for people with super-long nails

    ♥ - l8r g8r does look really good outside, I am glad you posted it

    ♥ - the mauve polish is really pretty too, i did not notice the gold shimmer when i looked at it in the store, and the konad you choose is also really pretty, It is a romantic/Victorian king of konad - very nice

    ♥ - its about time they start making compact hair straighteners, my goodness, this one -is- compact! SMART idea!

    Sounds like you had an awesome day! Don't fret about getting to your blogging posts, everything you add is 'for the ages', right?

  3. Wow! Great day! love the nails! I think I'm gonna got to my big lots today and get some polish now! I've never gotten any there, and those Revlon's are a amazing deal! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Awesome day you had! I'm sooo jealous of your Big Lots! Mine stinks! I haven't been able to find any of the dark pleasures. Except for "Talk Dirty". They seem to always have that one. And of course all the light colors. Sigh! Anyway...Love that flat iron,and a case to boot! Pictures of polishes are gorgeous as usual.

  5. You always get the best stuff @ your Big Lots! These are indeed excellent things...great post! That holo in the sun is incredible!

  6. What a great day ! l8r g8r is a gorgeous color and that Konadicure you did is absolutely stunning :-)

  7. Thanks for the long post. I love it. I enjoy the writing with pictures. Not just pictures alone and a few words. That holo is beautiful. Your latest manicure is lovely. Very romantic looking. I love the gold shimmer in the polish. I always click on your photos to make them bigger. I also like the Konad with the little squares. Really cute.

  8. MARY - A perfect day is a rare thing but I think I shared a lot of my joy that day, a lot of people at work kept asking me why I was so happy.

    DEE - I totally agree that Konad needs some bigger images ... some of the designs look cute only on part of the nail, or with a french tip, but it's a pain to have to double-stamp to get a real full-nail pattern

    KITTYLUVSCOLOR - Thanks =)

    VELVET - I had the same problem with this particular collection - they only had 1 of the light colors - but then all of a sudden these showed up - although in most cases only 1 of each.

    THE PBG - I never used to go to Big Lots until I read on some other blogs what good luck other bloggers had =) I still get dud trips sometimes but the hauls make up for it.

    TULI - Thanks!

    LUCY - I'm glad you enjoy my writing - sometimes I feel like I get a little wordy so I'm glad for the feedback! I type so fast I have a page full before I even realize LOL. You may get to see the squares in a full mani soon if I can decide on a set of colors =)


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