Sunday, October 30, 2011

Nails Inc, Icing, Orly & Etc Haul & Swatches & Bottle Pics

Very behind this week.  Lots going on IRL that I don't really want to get into, but I'm going to try & just get some catching up done tonight & tomorrow.  I'm going to admit I may drop out of sight again for a while, I'm just not sure how this is going to go so I'm going to post while I can.

I split the haul & the swatches each into their own vids again this time.  Here is the haul:

& here are the swatches:

& for the bottle pics I kind of broke everything up by brand, regardless of where or when I purchased ... these are all from quite a while ago, I think I recorded the haul vid like 2 weeks ago & the swatches one week ago LOL.  So here we go.

First up, from Sephora at the MoA, Nails Inc:

Top row are my 2 magnetic effect polishes:  Houses of Parliament (which I've worn - check out the post HERE), and Trafalgar Square.  Bottom row:  Electric Lane Holographic Top CoatFarringdon Crackle Top Coat, Fitzroy Square, Sloan Square, & Chelsea Square.

Icing ... I went overboard at 2 different Icing stores.  I got 4 different 5-packs of mini bottles - although Icing's minis are pretty decent size compared to for example OPI, at .4 fl oz - but then again, normal Icing bottles are bigger than many brands at .65 fl oz:

First row - Cancun Spring Break set:  Hot Date, Flamingo Dancer, Suntan Lotion, Lime Martini, Blue Caribbean.  Second row - Glow in the Dark set:  Gleam and Go, Lamplight, Twinkle Stars, Glowworm, Moonbeam.  Third row - New York Graffiti set:  Silver Spray Paint, Tag Me Pink, Midnight at Times Square, Black Shatter,  Fourth row - Paris Romance set:  Un Cafe s'ilvous Plait, Paris Romance, Bonjour, Printemps, French Lavender.

And the other single bottles:

Top row:  Glimmer, Gold Dust, At Dusk, Pumpkin, Tiger's Blood.  Middle row:  Rock Star From Mars, Witch's Brew, Vampire's Blood, Cherry Blossom, Orchid.  Bottom row:  Thunderstorm, Twilight, The Golden Age of Glitter, Irish Gold, All That Glitters is Green, Electric Emerald.

Orlys, mainly from Ulta but a couple from Sallys:

Top row:  Crush on You, Nite Owl, Sea Gurl, Fowl Play.  Bottom row:  Space Cadet, Rock-It, Rock Solid.

From Warpaint Beauty:

Dirty Pink, Purple Haze, Galaxy, White Noise.

LA Girls:

Erupt & Rupture.

Hot Topic:

No names on them, so they just go by color on my spreadsheet - Neon Yellow, Neon Fuchsia, Pink w/ Glitter.

Justice - and yes it took some serious courage to go into the kid store for my own purposes LOL!  The sales girl thought maybe I was buying a gift but I fessed up it was for me:

Also no names I could find - Black Crackle, Purple Crackle & Pink to Purple sun changing polish (pics after sun exposure at the end of the swatch vid)

And finally, my unexpected find at DSW, Anise:

Night Adventure, Midnight Electric, Ring My Bell, Pearls for the Devil, Crocodile Tears, Agent Glam.

So yeah, a pretty big haul.  I thought my no-buy following this would last longer - but I forgot how early holiday collections come out.  I spied the China Glaze Let it Snow collection when I hit Sallys today for cuticle oil, and ... well ... I'm sure you can guess.  Another haul post in my future =)  But not before I edit & post NOTDs for the past week!

Thanks for reading.



  1. I have the purple one from nails inc. I love it!!

  2. ooh i love the glittery icings!! And I seriously need to get my hands on Orly's Fowl Play, it sucks reading about it everywhere but being unable to get it just cos I live in Aussie/Singapore sigh.

    I hope things get better for you! Don't worry, everything works out eventually!

  3. Great haul! How did you figure out the names on the Icing mini packs? I have a few of those but have never been able to find out what each bottle is called.

  4. Ooooh so pretttttyyyyy! I wish those were available here :(

  5. I love your hauls! Especially your BIG ones! haha I love that you have so many polishes and it makes you happy! I just wish i lived in america and had access to the stores you do, i'd probably have just as many! haha I have 250 or so and it keeps growing.
    Keep up the good work on what you have been doing. Do what you want to do and what makes you happy to do and not what everyone wants to see! =)

  6. Can you show us your whole nailpolish collection? :)
    x Jana

  7. Hi Colette!
    Great haul/swatches! I hope everything in your personal life is alright. I had checked your blog everyday since your adorable mummy tutorial, and I was getting worried since you hadn't posted at all. Whatever it is, stay strong!

  8. Thanks for all the posts, especially the mummy tutorial!

    Hang in there and you do what you need to - stay healthy and happy and we'll see you when you get back!


  9. The China Glaze Christmas collection is out. I picked up Twinkle Lights from Sallys on Saturday. It is GREAT!

  10. Great haul!
    no hobby is for free!
    So just enjoy your nail polish hobby.
    I don't care what outhers say, I just love my polishes :D

  11. Thanks so much for doing the swatches on the nail wheel! Sometimes I'm skeptical about buying crackles beyond my one bottle of OPI, but this really helped. Have you ever checked out color changing polishes from Del Sol? I got my bottle of Ruby Slipper (silver glitter indoors, red glitter outdoors) at the Del Sol store, but I believe some Sally's carry Del Sol too. Btw, do you put a top coat on your color changing polishes?

  12. ABOP - these actually had the names on the bottom of the bottle, although they're no normal labels w/ ingredients etc, just the name =)

    JANA - there are some pics under the "my stash" tag =)

    BUMBLEBEESWEETY - I've never seen Del Sol at my Sallys, although they had a Color Club display for the first time ever so I wouldn't rule it out. I didn't put a topcoat on this one on the wheel, but I think I would if I wore it =)

  13. Nail color so beautiful,I also wanna make nail art on my hand,But i have no allot time for it.Your sharing beautiful.
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