Tuesday, October 4, 2011

NOTD: Nubar Chocolate Coffee Bean

HOW did this sit in my unworns for so long?  What?  Oh, I have a couple hundred unworns?  Well then, I guess it makes a bit more sense =P
Anyway, I love this a lot now that I finally wore it.  From the Chocolate Truffles collection, this is Nubar Chocolate Coffee Bean ... although that name doesn't explain the lovely flash of pink:

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  1. I love this one so much!! But just like you, I don't really understand the name. For me, it looks like melted chocolate on the nail when you look at it in the shade, it makes me want to lick my hands!!! And the pink flash is gorgeous. I can't wait for fall to hit France (yeah, we're living with 25°C right now :(( ) to take this beauty out of my drawers!

  2. The color is very very pretty!

  3. If I had money I'll surely buy the entire chocolate truffle collection, it's one of my favorite ever!!! ;)

  4. This colour is totally gorgeous, and the pink flash makes it quite unique. I LOVE !


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