Thursday, October 6, 2011

MN State Fair 2011 (Part 1)

I really, honestly, almost totally forgot about these pictures.  I don't even remember right now what it was that reminded me that I still hadn't posted them ... but I though I should get them up, the last gasp of summer, before our current warm streak ends & winter looms.  Around this time last year we had snow!
Mostly I have food pics for you.  And I know how much you all love/hate the temptation LOL!  The first time I went it was me, Mom, Dad & Uncle.  It was kind of funny that as much as I like taking pics & sharing - both with you guys & with Grandma & Grandpa when I went to see them - they had to keep reminding me to get the food before it was gone - so that's why a lot of stuff already has a bite taken out!
Dad started it off with a hot dog:
I got bacon on a stick:
Uncle got a corn dog:
Lemonade to share around:
Corn on the cob:
Veggie Fries:
Hawaiian Ice:
I loved the paint job on this motorcycle - although this pic doesn't really capture the duo-chrome green-blue, I want a polish this color!:
Water - like the best water ever, I remember I was so thirsty LOL:
There are so many cool things that weren't around when I  was a kid - did you guys ever get to play in this many bubbles?:
Kettle Corn:
More beer:
I think this was Coke:
Of COURSE - cheese curds:
Tied with one other thing for my favorite new food discovery this year - deep fried cookie dough.  Hell yeah, these things were as big as small fists!  Even I, with my huge sweet tooth, couldn't finish all 3 - luckily Mom had ziplock baggies:
Honey ice cream with sunflower seeds in it - better than I expected actually:
Snow cone:
Some gorgeous flower on display in the horticulture building:

French fries:
My dad with local meteorologist Belinda Jensen - as I mentioned on my Facebook page, we made it on TV in the background when she did the weather ... first time ever LOL even though we stop there just about every year while they're broadcasting live:
Pretzel ... my camera battery started dying at this point, so I had to turn of the screen & shoot blind ... which happens often enough that I've gotten pretty good at it =):
More lemonade & corn dog:
We had the coupon book this year & it was worth it just for this one coupon - buy one get one free smoothies:
My other favorite food discovery this year, deep fried mashed potatoes:
Fried apple pie & cinnamon ice cream ... I like the ice cream better.  I expected the pie to be more like old-school McDonald's fried pies were, and so although it was still good I was a little disappointed:
More beer & beer I think:
Strawberry lemonade:
Teriyaki chicken & egg roll - a weird thing for me at the fair, but the chicken was so tender & delicious I actually got it again when I went back:
So, that was the first trip =)  I also went back with Mom & I'm going to try & toss those pics up tomorrow ... better late than never!
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  1. OMG! so much fried food hahahah i thank god im nowhere near that fair..i'll prolly leave 30 pounds heavier. hahahah i love me some fried food! :D i wish i can try that hunnie ice cream! looks delicious!!

    great now im hungry LOL

  2. Makes me wish it was August again! That kettle corn is the BEST.

  3. the food looks delicious! and your dad is adorable dad would have fun hanging with him. lol

  4. Wow so much food! It's making me hungry now! I went to the CA fair in the summer & tried cheese curds for the first time. Your deep fried mash potatoes sounds delish!

  5. Cheese Curds! Man, you just can't get them here in Philly. I ate them like a pig when I was in Wisconsin. Now I want them you tease!

  6. Everything in those photos looks SO GOOD! I have to start keeping a list of food to try at the fair--usually I'll have a few things in mind, but then I actually get there and get completely distracted. Thanks for sharing! :)

  7. Oh my gosh, STARVING NOW. Deep fried mashed potatoes, that cinnamon ice cream, the cheese curds...mmmmm!

  8. lots of tasty fried food =] love the last picture of the flowers, the blue and purple lily, very pretty <3

  9. Ya! Fair food!! Deep fried cookie dough - sounds great! Hey, your Dad is cute!

  10. SO much food!!! Bacon on a stick looks wonderful, and the honey ice cream looks intriguing :)

  11. Oh my goooooooooooood!!! I am drooling big time here! You guys have such amazing food, so lucky! That's it, I'm visiting just so's I can attend this fair & try all that gorguz food! :D

    Love Aysh xoxo


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