Sunday, October 9, 2011

NOTD: OPI Love is a Racket + Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure (Glossy & Matte)

I started out with 2 coats of OPI Love is a Racket - definitely could have used a third coat if I was going to wear it alone:

It's a nice red, kind of on the orangish side - and adding Hidden Treasure made it even more orange, although held next to an actual red it still looked red:

Second day I added Matte Magic:

And here of course is a look in motion:

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  1. The polish on it's own... well not really my thing. But omg! the matte flakie result! You totally rocked this one!

  2. Very soon after getting HT I put it over China Glaze Foxy. I was pretty convinced that would be amazing. Considering I don't wear reds usually I thought it was pretty amazing if a whole lot flashy. I did completely freak out at one point thinking I had a beetle on my pants when it was just my nails though <.<

  3. Those flakies really make the mani pop. Love it!

  4. Wow lush nail polish shade! looks great with the salon manicure over it and then even better with the matte finish!

  5. Wow, the matte just pops the color of the polish! I need to try some matte polish!

  6. Collete, have you seen the new magnet effect polish they have at Sephora?? It has a really amazing efect when you hold a magent to it! I bought some, suuuper excitedly and I love it! Something I thought you would like (:

  7. SOPHIE - I picked some up this week =) it is gorgeous

  8. Yes it really is! Really awesome how it works!


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