Sunday, October 16, 2011

NOTD: Nails Inc Houses of Parliament Magnetic Effect Polish

Love!  I mean, true polish love, this is the most awesome thing in the world to me right now LOL - Nails Inc Houses of Parliament Magnetic Effect Polish:

The final effect really is almost 3D & changes as you move your hand, I HAD to include a vid of this polish in motion:
I mention in the swatch vid that I think it would be easier on shorter nails, so I do have a few favorites that I feel the design showed up best on - right thumb & ring, left thumb & ring:

I will be getting some backup bottles of these lovelies - and/or possibly splurging on more colors from other brands ... once I'm off my no-buy again.  I hung in for like 3 weeks this time before I  fell off the wagon, and I'll try to get up tomorrow the mega-haul that made me cut myself off again LOL.
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  1. *stares* This is the most gorgeous polish I have seen!! I love it!!


  2. I love these polishes! Looks awesome!

  3. oh man this is awesome!!! i need to get this!

  4. Wow, I'm wearing LCN magnetic right now, blue colour. Love it also!
    It's on my blogg.


  5. Hi Great Blog, I Love This Nail Varnish, I Have The Silver One, Gives Such A Cool Effect! x

  6. pity that the polish is not sold in Russia(((

  7. I love this. Really need this is my collection

  8. I totally agree, got the grey/black one, luv, luv, so easy. I find about 5 seconds gets the black really dark, which I liked.


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