Monday, October 17, 2011

Guest NOTD: Revlon Copper Penny + OPI Baby it's Coal Outside

Mom hiding her tip wear with sponging again =) I would totally sponge away tip wear if I ever had my polish on long enough to get tip wear in the first place LOL.
Her base color is Revlon Copper Penny, then the sponging is done with OPI Baby it's Coal Outside:

Got a haul to post, got some crackle swatches to do, and just finished a new water marble on my nails - now, to fit all that editing in & actually make posts =)  Thanks for reading.



  1. I love Revlon Copper Penny. Thanks for the great idea to sponge on black tips!

  2. That's a really good idea! Why didn't i think of doing something like that! I always get tip wear/chips and then it bugs me so i take it off. I guess i could just sponge something at the tips to get an extra day or twos wear! Thanks, Colette! haha


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