Saturday, October 15, 2011

Nails Inc Magnetic Polish Swatches

I wanted to get a full post with pictures done today for Nails Inc Houses of Parliament, which is on my nails, but the sun had the nerve to go away mid-afternoon so I'm going to do that tomorrow.  This polish definitely deserves to be seen in the sun & the 3D effect deserves to be seen in motion =)
But until then, you can have a quick look at these swatches & check out the magnetic pattern in motion since I used the magnet from the back of the nail wheel - which, as a side note, I don't think gives as nice of a final effect as using the magnet over the top, but it's cool to be able to actually see the polish move around:
Have you indulged?  Or plan to?  I thought at first I could pass on the gold but with it on my nails I not only want the gold, as I mention in the vid I want backup bottles of the purple & silver.
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  1. Awesome! I wanted to try these for a while but didn't want to have to worry about paying for international shipping, so I'm very glad there is a brand available in the US now. And my neighbor works at Sephora, so I'm thinking...employee discount, lol!

  2. I was surprised when I saw sephora had this. A couple years ago I remember my mom showing me an article on some magnetic nail polish in Europe. It had a different magnet system where u could make a starburst sort of pattern...for some reason I'm thinking Lancome but I could be way offf here.. :-) iim looking forward to buying Some of this (Haha so of course i wrote all that before wwatching the video. Oh well)

  3. Do you know if different caps have different patterns? It seems to pull in it only one way.

  4. wow, i really want this!

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  5. How cool! =D Never known about magnetic polish before! =D


  6. Very cool! I have the Essence magnetics, but I haven't seen these yet. I wonder if you can get the 3 pack online?

  7. MELISSA - as far as I know, the caps are all the same. Would have been nice if each color had their own =)

  8. I just purchased the silver magnetic polish on the weekend and LOVE it too! didn't know there was gold available... looking forward to that being more readily available!!

    as always, thanks for the great post colette. you are a nail inspiration!!! :)

  9. That was so cool! I wish I had money right now so I could run out and get them!


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