Friday, October 7, 2011

MN State Fair 2011 (Part 2)

Round 1 was on a Monday Round 2 was the following Saturday & it was just me & Mom =)  We wandered around & it was even more crowded, but a really nice day - not to hot but sunny & lovely.  We tried a few foods we missed the first time around, and we wandered around inside of places like the grandstand & the creative arts building.
We still managed to try a lot of foods, even with only 2 mouths instead of 4 =)  ziplock baggies came SO in handy this round as well.  I don't think I took pics of everything, like stuff we had the first time around, but I got a lot more pics of other stuff.
Mom's Corn dog:
Sample of sweet potato fries:
More deep fried mashed potatoes for me - one to eat & one to take home LOL:
Lemonade - we decided this stand (near the horse barn) was not one of the best because of all the ice & the huge piece of lemon, meant you actually didn't get that much lemonade:
Corn on the cob ... best corn on the cob ever if I didn't mention last post, so sweet & literally dipped in butter:
More lemonade (since the first didn't last long!)
Mom fell in love with this adorable little house:
Cheese curds - from a different stand, orange curds instead of white & served with marinara instead of ketchup:
Chicken fried bacon with cinnamon maple sauce:
Some cool crafts from the creative arts building - lots of cross stitch which many of you know I love even though I rarely get time to do it myself anymore:

Little fairy-house display in the horticulture building:



Peaches & whipped cream crepe:
Another teriyaki chicken & egg roll:
& another deep fried cookie dough - this pic with a bit out so you can see the deliciously gooey center:
And there you have it =)  Going to edit & post my first Halloween look now - thanks for reading.


  1. Eiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii I love cross-stitching! I found the HAED website and am obsessed now

  2. That first pic of the corn dog looks like it's that lady's arm in the background, lol, especially in the preview pic on my blogger dashboard.

    The food also made me really hungry. That corn looks delicious, and don't get me started on lemonade :)

    1. LOL! yes! i thought the corndog was an overgrown-dismembered arm, too.

  3. Lmao the first picture with the arm

  4. I have the fabric and pattern for the witch one on the starburst orange and yellow, which was specially dyed for that pattern, and another design by the same company, they are so cool and I can't wait to stitch them when I find the time lol. I miss living up up north, Wisconsin for me, but I have an aunt in the twin cities.

  5. Oh and the collection of fractals is amazing, I love the way they look but each one requires 90+ colors, even for the bookmark-sized ones.

  6. Awesome post! That first photo with the corn dog made me laugh because it looks like the corn dog is part of the person's arm that is in the background. I had to do a double look at it!

  7. So after writing my post, I went back and read everyone else's comment and they said the same thing haha!

  8. MMMmmm I am SO going to look for deep fried mashed potatoes at our fair this year. I wonder how the sweet potato fries were, we have them in our freezer section but I've never tried them!
    That little house your mom is in is wicked cute, and I love the fairy house display!

  9. haha the first thing I thought of was OMG that person's arm... right there with all you who thought that too!!!

  10. my mouth is watering...I want ALL that food :)

  11. ha ha that first pic i thought that man had a dodgy looking arm covered in yellow sauce! the food looks fab though x

  12. you know your mum's corn dog looks like the mans hand! lol

  13. Bringing Ziplocs to the State Fair for leftovers is genius! I've never even thought to do that before.

  14. I am a new fan and subscriber to your youTube channel and i must say you are so fun! I love this post with all the food from the fair. How tasty everything looks. Thanks for the entertainment!

  15. what do you have around your finger when you dip your finger in the water?

  16. POLISHGALORE - the designs on that site are gorgeous! I wish I had time to get back into it =)

    ANON - It’s just tape – you can check out the taping tutorial under the Tips & Tricks playlist on YT to see how I apply it =)

  17. holy CRAP! deep fried EVERYTHING! OMG battered BACON!?!?! you weren't at a fair, you were in HEAVEN!


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