Sunday, July 3, 2011

NOTD: Zoya Apple + OPI Turquoise Shatter

Well, so far my holiday weekend is going great - lovely sunny weather, warm but not as hot as it was Thursday & Friday, and I just went out & had a VERY successful polish haul that I hope to share with you guys soon.  The only thing not going well is my whole plan to get caught up - comments, emails, posts, other blogs ... I feel so out of the loop right now, I don't even know what collection I should be looking forward to LOL.  Well, I still have one more day tomorrow & the rest of this evening, so I'm just going to have to get done what I can - starting with this.
Zoya Apple is a vibrant green sparkle from the Sunshine collection:

I wore it plain for a day, then I added a layer of OPI Turquoise Shatter - well, actually since the shatters overall don't play well with not fresh polish, I added another layer of Apple, then Turquoise Shatter on top of that.  I liked the results but I wish I'd stroked for a little more shatter so I had more green peeking through:
Off to edit the rest of the pics for my 4th of July mani, which I posted the vid yesterday ... I'm actually about to take it off so I may do one more holiday mani =)
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  1. i find exactly the opposite, my crackles LOVE dried polish, the drier the better, after a week of wearing the first color a week the crackle does better actually

  2. Turquoise Shatter is so pretty!

  3. I love the color combo on the bottom picture :D

  4. I was not able to find Turquoise Shatter at ULTA yet, so I may just order it offline but I do have Apple. I can't wait to try this combo! It's subtle but eye-catching at the same time!

  5. Not a fan anymore of the crackles/shatters. But I am a huge fan of Zoya polishes. I got the entire collection this green is from and love them all. I could not resist ordering them when for one day Zoya had a buy the full Color lock system they have (which is great)$48 - and pick one of the 2 6 bottle summer polish collections to be shipped along with for FREE!!!!! What a great offer - and free shipping too because I tossed in a few spoon orders and got my total up to $50 - so no tax, no shipping - a full color collection and now proud owner of Zoya's fab Color-lock system. Highly recommend the sytem.


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