Tuesday, July 26, 2011

NOTD: OPI Be A Dahlia Won't You + OPI I Lily Love You

Now that is a mouthful of a title.  When my mom asked what I was wearing, I think I had to repeat it 2 or 3 times LOL.  On it's own, OPI Be a Dahlia Won't You from this summer's Nice Stems collection isn't that impressive, although it's a nice enough pink - a little bit of a blue flash & at 2 coats a little bit of VNL, if I were wearing it alone I'd do another coat:

And on it's own, OPI I Lily Love You (from the same collction) is a sheer hot mess (additional swatches in THIS post).  But layer the 2 together, and you get something approaching ILLY's bottle color:

Very nice (imagine a Borat-voice ... even though I've never seen the movie)!  The only downside is that ILLY is both multi-colored & -sized glitter, but also flakies, and the flakies are NOT very smooth.  I even tried to press them flat before I did a top coat, yet still ended up with some very sharp places when I was done.  I ended up using the smoothest side of my buffer to smooth those down after everything was completely dry.  It seems to be a common problem with flakies but I don't understand why - Hidden Treasure always applies completely smooth for me, so if Sally Hansen can do it, why can't you OPI?
Have a look at this lovely in motion:
Almost, almost used to the not-really-nubbins =)  I'm going to see how I do with maintenance filing, and attempt to stay at around 5mm of free edge until ALL my patches are grown out.  I usually suck at maintenance filing, so we'll see how that goes LOL.
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  1. I love the new length! Its still long and pretty, just like before. Great manicure by the way, what a great start of the new nails.

  2. I have those two and like that combo too....and I happen to think your "not nubbins" look great!

  3. I'm usually not crazy about pinks and reds but this combination is awesome!

  4. I love ILLY, but found the same problem! It irritated me and I just wanted to pick at it!

    Love your nubbins! I had to cut mind down as well, but my nubbins are much shorter than yours, lol.

  5. I adore Dahlia and have stashed 2 extra bottles - but I am a huge fuchsia fan so this is right up my ally. I have not had too many problems with I Love Lilly. I don't wear it alone - most of the time I have put it over the lightest one in this collection that is a lovely opaque white with a tish of taupe and pink in it. It makes a great base for Lilly and I only use a really sheer coat of Lilly as I hate to scrub to get any glitter off.What I do like about Lilly is that it's in a really nice pink gel vs the OPI Teenage Dream which was in an almost clear it was so pale pink gel. I love the colors that come out in the Lilly glitter - they appear to be holos broken up into glitter particles!

  6. This made me want ILLY even more! Gorgeous x

  7. Amazingggggg nails !!! I really love ur new length :-) So much better than before. Muuuuuuch better :-))

  8. I love the colour! Are so cute! xoxo

  9. That looks very pretty and really summer-like! I even prefer the layered version, though it's not a color for me since pink always looks strange on my nails... But maybe I'll give in someday, because all these swatches are pretty tempting, haha. Thanks again for the nice post!

  10. OT but one of your watermarbling tutorials you made it to a Dutch popular newspaper webpage!


    So yay! You rock :D
    Love Claudia from the Netherlands ;)

  11. I just found your blog after looking for nail art. I got mine done this afternoon and am not satisfied with them. I LOVE your water marbling technique!

    One question.....what does NOTD stand for?

  12. NOTD = Nail of The Day! :)


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