Saturday, July 9, 2011

Old Gift Haul

I recorded this like 2 or 3 weeks ago & never got around to taking bottle pics & editing the vid.  My friend Sam cleaned out her stash, and I got the spoils =D  And out of all these colors, I think I already have only 3 of them, so I was very pleased.
First, a few Finger Paints that I picked up on additional 50% off clearance - so they were only a dollar each:
Finger Paints Artist's Sapphire, Gallery Glam, Whose Hue? & Hue Rang?
Now on to my gift haul, starting with the brands that there was only one bottle of:
Rimmel Wishing on a Star, Delux Beauty Star Daisy, Maybelline Denim Dash, Avon Retro Rose, Essie Hot Commodity & Zoya Diem.
4 colors from Elf:
No Label nude & No label pink with silver shimmer, Sunset & Burgundy.
2 Revlons & 3 Sally Hansen from various lines:
Revlon Always Flaunting & Sparkling Cafe; Sally Hansen Sunrise Sunset, Petal Pusher & Emerald City.
3 Finger Paints:
Meet Me at the Met, Tapestry in Taupe & Art Dealer Teal-er.
2 Hard Candy:
Unfortunately their mini-bottles don't have names =(  But still pretty purple & pink.
5 Pure Ice:
Strip Tease, Cheatin, French Kiss, Busted, Risk Taker.
And finally few super-tiny Sally Hansen minis:
These don't have names either.  Stop being lazy polish companies!  Mini-bottles are people ... errr, polish too!  They deserve names!
Finally the Haul vid, me rambling as usual LOL:
I have my more recent haul to get together now that I have this old one out of the way =)  Thanks for reading.


  1. Love the cheatin and the busted, those would look fab together in some sort of nailart thing <3 (The names are a great match too for that :D)

  2. the pink hard candy is fabuluxe i believe! :)

  3. Great haul! I am feeling too attached to all my polishes right now to part with any of them. I sent a few in for the Zoya trade this year dumping some that were worn out, drying and I never wore more than once anyway. But I have my stash down to a lot of top brands having taken all but my absolute favs of drugstore brands off to the special recycling place. Now that I have really seen what some of my older polishes go for on the secondary market, makes me not want to part with them out of fear that I will develop a yearning for one of them back again and don't want to pay $30 to get it back!

  4. I picked up Finger Paint's Artist's Sapphire, too. It's rich, gorgeous and a steal at 99 cents.

  5. Sam gave you some great colors! I love the "drippy" bottles. I have never seen Sally Hansen minis like that before. Great haul! :)

  6. The full size Hard Candy polishes are .35 fl. oz. and on mine the name is printed next to the barcode which is vertically placed on the bottle's side. Looks like you got some good polishes. Oh and FP Hue Rang is a favorite of mine.


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