Monday, July 4, 2011

NOTD: 4th of July Rhinestone French + Tutorial

Happy 4th to all my American readers!  It's about to get hot hot HOT here again into the 90's, so as soon as I post this I think I'll be turning on the a/c =)  Nothing too special planned, but any day I don't have to go to work is a good day as far as I'm concerned.
This ended up to be my only holiday-themed mani for the 4th... time just got away from me.  I had a pink idea that I was going to do in red white & blue, but since I didn't get to it I think I'll do it in pink like I originally planned.  This was really pretty simple & didn't take as long as I thought it would, even with having to place all the rhinestones.  Base color is Wet n Wild French White with a couple layers of China Glaze White Cap on top, then I used regular slow-drying top coat to adhere the rhinestones:

Here's the tutorial:
Thanks for reading.  I know there seemed to be a lot of celebrating last night, but if you're celebrating tonight also remember to keep it safe!


  1. Love the look...simple design but full of bling!

  2. Hi Colette! What a beautiful blog you have, it's my first visit here. I must say that the manicure on your profile picture is just awesome, I LOVE it!


    I gave you an award

  4. I think you are so incredibly talented and creative! I love your blog and your videos are so helpful too...
    As totally amazing as you are, which I sincerely mean, have you thought about shortening your nails a bit? In all your blog entries that I have seen, they are all about the same length, so I'm sure you're fully functioning even with the long nails, but I think more people would be able to relate/duplicate some of the looks you do if they were on shorter nails.
    They are interesting, but lol, some us just don't have the same nail real estate to accomplish what you do ;)

  5. Simple, clean and VERY Classy looking!

  6. your videos are fantastic! I love it! :)
    Can you do a nail tutorial with „caviar nail“?


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