Monday, May 9, 2011

NOTD: Orly Bubby Bombshell + Hidden Treasure

I still have this on my nails ... it's lasted nearly a week partially due to me being in love with it & partially due to me being to busy to take it off LOL.  I started out with I think 3-4 coats of Orly Bubbly Bombshell:
This glitter has both small & medium-sized bright pink glitter - you can see the different sizes in this shot which was at one coat:
Then, I don't exactly think I came up with this idea or anything, but I can't remember ever having seen it.  As though being a glitter weren't enough, I decided to add a layer of Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure, and it turned into this flashy, amazing, foily creation that reminded me of like wrapping paper or something:
Here's a look in motion:
And then after a few days I did some stamping with Black special polish & one of my new Bundle Monster plates, bm208, and topped with Matte Magic:

I think I decided this is like 8 or 9 layers of polish to soak off?  LOL no wonder I'm procrastinating =)  & we'll see once it comes off if it's worsened the staining from that orange Hard Candy, or if the amount of acetone I'll no doubt need helps get them back to normal.
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  1. wow... i love the end product!
    i'd say it's worth the soak-off time...but imagine doing all the coats in 1 sitting... eep!

  2. Ohh It's amazing! How is the condition of your stained nails?

  3. I have such nail envy right now, that is gorgeous. I don't think I could concentrate on anything with my nails like that. I love how a matte finish completely refreshes a manicure.

  4. The video is mesmorizing!!!

  5. WOW!! thats so pretty! im in love with it!

  6. omg i love it! wish i didnt have a job that would ruin my nails or else i would do this! what music is playing in the video?

  7. I love this mani in matte !

  8. SIERA - I don't remember off the top of my head but it's listed in the information box for the vid if you click through to its YouTube page =)

  9. Love the manicure. Really gorgeous polish.


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