Friday, May 13, 2011

NOTD: The Evolution of Zoya Phoebe

You'd think, after all this time, that I'd have a better idea what I was doing, right?  Well, the evolution of this mani proves that in fact I do not LOL.
Zoya Phoebe is from their summer Mod Mattes collection - and is very pretty matte, although as you know that's not my favorite finish:
I had this thought that it would look good with OPI Silver Shatter (from my Ulta haul that I'll be posting tomorrow) on top, so I used some of that, with sort of a French tip kind of thing going on as accent nails on the ring & thumb fingers:

And I’m not sure why, but I kind of hated it. So I took off the shatter – there was a layer of topcoat between, because shatter didn't seem to work as well on the matte finish – and then another layer of Phoebe to even everything out, and then another layer of topcoat. And I felt better:

I wore it that way for a day, then I stamped it with one of my new Bundle Monster plates, bm215 & China Glaze LOL:

It didn't on the plate, but on the nail it reminds me of a giraffe pattern.  I also got turtle shell - might be fun to try in shades of green =)

Anyway, that's the completed life cycle =)  I suppose I could matte-ify it again for the weekend, but I probably won't.  Thanks for reading.



  1. I am LOVING it with the giraffe print!

  2. i love the stamping and the colour Pheobe! - it looks lovely on you =))


  3. I love the stamping. did you have to double stamp? You did a great job :)

  4. The stamping looks like a dinosaur egg to me.

  5. I love that blue! The giraffe print looks awesome!

  6. I love Zoya's mattes. This is a lovely shade. I like the shatter manicure. I also like the last manicure. It would look interesting with a green.

  7. how do you do it with out it drying so quickly

  8. I LOVE your nails! You're such a creative person, I admire it alot!
    Hugs from Sweden :p

  9. I found your blog a few weeks ago ang have been reading it since then. You give me so much inspiration and I love your water marbling. Maybe you can tell me about these bundle monster plates. Is there anywhere I can buy them that can ship to Sweden? Usually I shop from ebay but I haven't seen them there.
    Thanks for sharing all your inspiration wiht us.

  10. Hey! I'm a huge fan from brazil! Just like someone said on the top, you're so creative and do amazing stuff! The only problem of visiting your blog is the difficulty of getting the nail polishes that you show, mostly cause there's no place I can buy them here or because the high prices that they reach due to of the distance or the taxes :(( and so I go like 'OMG I WANT IT SOOOOOOO MUUUCH!" lol

    Anyway, congrats for the blog, it's really amazing! =)

  11. Love the stamping. Looks fantastic

  12. I'm glad I'm not the only one who had problems with Silver Shatter over Phoebe. I thought I just didn't apply it evenly or it was too thick. Must have been the matte polish. Hmph.


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