Sunday, May 15, 2011

Ulta Haul

I did not, repeat NOT, intend to get all of this at Ulta.  But you know, buy 2 get 1 frees are just hard to resist =)
Top row:
Bottom row:

China Glaze Black Mesh crack polish, Starboard, Lighthouse - both from the Anchors Away collection - L'Oreal Yellow Seahorse, Coral Starfish & Blue Marine - all 3 from the Summer Siren collection.
& here's the haul vid:
I thought at the time I walked out of Ulta, and at the time that I recorded the haul vid, that I would be set for a while ... then my mom came home talking about this new Sally Hansen display she spotted - and I went on a mission that ended up with some ne Hard as Nails colors in weird new bottles, and some of the SH crack polish colors that I thought weren't due out until June =)  So stay tuned for that haul probably later this week.  Thanks for reading.


  1. Have you ever mixed polishes when they get too low? How long do you keep polishes? They say they expire. If you find one that works really well, do you go back and get more? Or when it's gone, it's gone?
    *On a sad note... My favorite red bottle broke the other day. I had not done my nails in 3 days, and I started smelling polish. I opened up my cabinet and there in the top drawer was a puddle of red :-((

  2. I wish there was an ulta where I loved. buy 2 get 1 free? oh man..drools.

    Note....I LOVE YOUR BOOKLIST!! paranormal romances? yes please...muwhahaha. i'm going insane waiting for nalini singh's latest book...may 31 kiss of snow

  3. Haha your so terrible! BUT some of the SH crackles do look good :)

  4. Great choices! OPI Ogre the top Blue is one of my favourite polishes. I also adore the silver shatter.

  5. Looks like fun! I never get tired of bright blues. I have a post with blue flaky polish on my blog right now, in fact! :-)

  6. paradise, you have no idea how hard it is to get one.

  7. ah.. I'm soooooo gonna have to get the silver shatter!! I have the black shatter.. and not a big fan of it, but I've heard that the silver one is better. what do you think?

  8. awesome buys! and yeah, i always do that. I always tell my self to just buy one nail polish, but then i end up with like 20 once i leave the store. i feel your pain/joy :)

  9. Great haul, I love seeing what you bought :-)

  10. It's so hard to resist a new polish. My girlfriend found 3 Sally Hansen Cracked polishes for me today. Hooray!


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