Tuesday, May 10, 2011

NOTD: Sunirse Burst Water Marble

Bright, summery, fun colors - I quite like this even though it's not the design I originally thought I could pull off.  Base is 2 coats of Color Mates Spring Fling, marbling done with Spring Fling, Color Mates Fuchsia Flash, & China Glaze Thataway:

Favorite nails - left thumb & index, right pink & ring:

& the tutorial:

Bonus pics - this is the kind of weather we're dealing with - nearly 90 degrees (mind, it was snowing last Monday), mammatus clouds, and hail - some pretty as an agate, some bigger than a quarter!

Too humid for doing nails ... so mom's marble is put off yet another day LOL.  Thanks for reading =)



  1. That manicure is ridiculously gorgeous! They look great on your skin too. (:

  2. Love this pretty color combination. That's some big hail! We're having some beautiful weather here in New Jersey now. Crazy weather.

  3. so fantastic! love your water marbles

  4. beautiful!
    in the videos seems easy but I've tried the technique at home twice and It was a disaster. You're an artist!

  5. I absolutely love this ! Your water marbles are always beautiful !

  6. I looooovvvvee the manicure! But I am doing something wrong :( I am using all OPI prouducts,however the polish stays in a dot in the middle of the bowl. I tried reheating the water in the microwave but that did'nt work either. What am I doing wrong?

    Monica Tampa FL

  7. Love your nails, they look like acrylics!
    Can you tell where I can look for advice and instructions on patching broken nails?!
    xoxo, KK

  8. It looks just gorgeous !
    You inspired me to try to do these watr marble desings at home too, but I fail everytime :( Maybe its because I cant afford any expensive nail polishes so I'm using some cheap ones..
    do you think it matters how expensive or high quality nail polishes have to be to work in this kind of desing?

  9. I tried this out for the first time and it worked so gorgeously!!!! Thank you for your super helpful tutorials and just wanted to say I love looking at your nails <3

  10. http://cbonidienailesta.blogspot.com/
    started my hobby because of watching your youtube videos !!!! thank you ! your awesome :)

  11. hi i really like your videos but in my opinion it wastes a lot of nail polish. i guess it is no biggy to you B/c you have so much.


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