Monday, May 23, 2011

Drugstore Hauls

This is all the result of a failed mission - a search for the yellow Sally Hansen Hard as Nails that they show in the display picture.  I did find the display a few times, and picked up some other colors, but the yellow eluded me.
These were from the first Walgreens that I hit:
Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Pumping Iron, Frozen Solid, Sturdy Sapphire, Unbreakable Heart & Hard to Get.  Sally Hansen Crackle Overcoat in Ink Splatter, Fractured Foil & Antiqued Gold.  Sinful Unicorn & Let's Meet.
These came from a couple of CVS's:
Wet n Wild top: Collecting Pollen, Bird Bath & Sunburst.  Bottom:  Ocean Grotto, Waves of Enchantment & Magic Trident.
Ulta, I had to stop & pick up a gift card also:
L'Oreal Pink Shells from the Summer Siren collection.
I really don't remember if this batch was a Walgreens or a CVS:
Revlon Black With Envy, Tangerine, Blue Lagoon & Sunshine Sparkle.  Sally Hansen HD Digital, Three D, Lite, Hi-Def & Cyber.
And finally Sallys, because a free bottle of China Glaze is too good to pass up:
Finger Paints Chrysanthe-Mum's The Word, Outta Sight Orange, Psychedelic Sunshine, Prints & Printsess & China Glaze Reggae to Riches.
I decided that it's time for a no-buy ... I don't really think I've enforced one in a very long time, but I've really been buying a lot of polish lately.  Here's the vid:

Thanks for reading =)


  1. You got so many of the new collections!!! Awesome, I need to grab some too.

  2. Just a bit of info, when I used Sinful Colors Unicorn it stained my nails terribly and I had used a base coat. The yellow staining wouldn't even come out with the use of 4 denture cleansing tablets at one time. Just wanted to give you a heads up.

  3. I am jealous of your sally henson crackle availability in your area. I also hope to see the wet n wild's collecting pollen, and revlon's sunshine sparkle in stores sometime when I am looking. They look like lovely yellows

  4. I have Sinful's Unicorn and Let's Meet. The Unicorn is AWESOME in marbling! I even went back and bot a second bottle! The Let's Meet is so-so. Depends on the other polishes. Now I have acrylic nails and mine dont stain w the use of the Unicorn. I also have Finger Paint's Crysanthe-Mum's the Word. It is one that I mentioned on your FB page that won't spread because it is SO thick. But by itself is a beautiful color.

  5. i picked up the same wet n wild fastdry colors as you did, the others just didn't do much for me, but if they do a half off sale on wnw i'll pick them up!

  6. Nice haul! I wish I lived in the US :(

  7. Great haul. The Sally Hansen HD polishes are great. I'm really looking forward to your citrus water marbling.

  8. I would really like to be able to buy the good brands you have, but it is hard to come by in Sweden ;(

  9. You got so many of the new collections....
    but nice colors

    help me getting more follows


  10. Unicorn stained horribly....horrible! Glad to hear it happened to someone else, and that it wasn't just me.

  11. I've been spending like a drunken sailor! I bought all the Hard As Nails and Crackle collection. Been buying makeup also. Need that like I need more polish. I have all those Revlon's also.

  12. The yellow you've been searching for .. is it Hard Lemonade? I have that one. It's kind of sheer. It took me about 4 coats to get SOME kind of opacity to it.

  13. Also, I've been searching so hard for the FingerPaints spring collection. It kind of bothers me that it cannot be found ANYWHERE. I wish somebody else sold that brand besides Sally Beauty because I only have 2 in Staten Island *sigh* and neither have the spring colors. :(

  14. Have you ever check out the polish at Walmart? They carry a product called "Pure Ice". I really like the Crimson Red.

    1. I don't go to Walmart often but I do have a few colors from that brand


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