Saturday, December 17, 2011

NOTD: The Evolution of Butter London The Black Knight & Sally Hansen Lady Luck

So, my unworn pile ... heap ... well, let's be honest, mountain is getting a tad out of control.  Just a tad =)  So I had the thought I should try to do more manicures that use more than 1 color.  I wanted a lot of bling, and I thought that Butter London The Black Knight & Sally Hansen Lady Luck went really well together.  The bit of pink in TBK matches perfectly with LL.  But my first attempt, a totally blinged out funky french, didn't sit well with me:

It just came out so think & chunky looking.  I think it looks quite a bit better in these pics than it did IRL.  It was ridiculously late, but I couldn't stand it - since the polish wasn't completely set, it wasn't horrible to remove, even though they're both glitters.  I redid the mani with my original idea, going with TBK as my main color & LL for accent nails - I considered switching on my other hand but I ended up doing them both the same:

Then I had the not so great idea to matte-ify them ... then I thought if I dabbed on some clear to bring the glitter out, it might look like little gems on the matte background.  Final result was all of that but not a bag of chips if you know what I mean LOL.  Matte, yes, and little gems, yes - but one of my better ideas, no I don't think so:

Which is your favorite?  Mine is obviously the middle version, but everyone has their own taste so maybe you like #1 or #3 =)  Leave a comment & let me know!
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  1. I liked the funky French actually, never too much sparkle!

  2. I think I like the first version the best but they all look amazing--those colors look great together!

  3. I really like the first two, I think the colors really compliment each other. I'd love actually to see you try the first one again and maybe try the black knight as a thinner edge on your nail tips instead of following the natural size of your tips. You can definitely see some of the blue hues in TBK show up in the larger holo glitter in LL too. They work so well together!

  4. I like both the first and second. The first because it's different and creative. The second because it showcases both colors.

  5. I can't decide which I like best! Gorgeous!

  6. i actually think that the french tip look was the looked great!

  7. While the last look isn't my favorite, it does give me an idea...what if you mattified a nail, and then konad-ed in clear over it? so just the design would be shiny? would that even work? I don't know (i don't have any matte topcoat to try it myself) but it may be interesting...

  8. FAYE - it would work as long as you use a normal clear & not a quick dry I think - I have seen it on other blogs although I haven't tried it myself


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