Saturday, December 17, 2011

FAQ: Konad Part 2 - Accent Designs & Polish Choices

I didn't realize, until I went back & reviewed Part 1 to make sure I didn't repeat myself too much (you can check out Part 1 HERE if you missed it), that it had been nearly a year since I recorded it.  Time flies I guess =)
Part 2 ended up to be a lot longer than I initially thought, but I ended up talking about more than just the technique behind stamping small accent designs onto your nail.  I also touch on what brands other than Konad you can use & how to figure that out, & stamping a designs with multiple colors.  So if you're new to Konad, or just curious how I do mine, enjoy:
Today would be catch up blogging all day except for one thing - today is Cookie Day!!!  Honestly maybe my favorite day of the year, even above Christmas.  I'm sure I'll still get a few things posted, but most of the day will be spent frosting sugar cookies & making up trays.  If you missed my cookie frosting marbling last year, check it out HERE, posted with last year's Cookie Day pics - and stay tuned for not only pics from this year's Cookie Day, but some cooking tutorial vids very very soon.  I have 3 recorded, & although none are edited yet I'd like to get them all up before Christmas.
I hope any of your pre-holiday plans are going as well as mine =)  Although I still have to do the majority of my shopping!  Gah, don't know when I'll fit that in this week but we'll see.  Thanks for reading.



  1. I love Konad. Your first Konad tutorial is actually what first introduced me to stamping when I came across your YouTube playlist back in April or so, so I'm excited part 2 is finally here! :)

  2. By the way, do you have any alternative silver chrome polishes you'd recommend for stamping? Millennium is hard to come by these days unless you're willing to pay $25 on ebay. And online retail sites always seems to only have the green color left in stock from the Khrome Collection. I keep searching but haven't been able to get Millennium for myself yet.

  3. This tutorial was helpful a lot to me! ThanQ for sharing!

  4. SARAH - I think Devotion, from the Romantique collection, is part of the normal display at sallys now, it is not quite as pure silver, but it also works really well =)

  5. you make is seam so easy I love the colors red gold and white i love it

  6. If you have the old Sally Hansen Chromes, those work fantastically, too.

  7. did you ever do part 3 and 4? i'm having trouble repeating the stamp on a longer nail.


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