Tuesday, January 4, 2011

FAQ: Konad Part 1 - What is Konad

I don't know that very many of my blog readers need this FAQ - I know a lot of you are fellow polish bloggers, and we are a well-educated lot =)  But I get just a TON of questions about Konad on YouTube, so I put together a quick video.  And of course since I'm sick I feel like I forgot to mention some stuff LOL.

Here's the tutorial:

Now, on to what I forgot to mention:

First thing, on non-Konad polishes that work for stamping.  On my Polish OCD Spreadsheet, there's a column called "opacity" - if there is a "K" in that column, that means I have successfully stamped with that polish.  Another reason I need to get an updated version finished & uploaded...

On cleaning the plates - be sure to use a polish remover with no additives - I use 100% acetone.  If you use a remover that has moisturizers, etc, it can leave a residue on the stamper and/or the plate, making it more difficult to pick up the design or to get a clean image.

Of course, if you want to check out any of my stamped manicures, I tag the hell out of everything - you can search with the labels drop-down in the right sidebar by categories like "stamping," "Konad," "Bundle Monster," or even by each individual plate like "m63."

If you want to purchase your own image plates, here are just a few of the places that sell them:
Wow So Cool
Bundle Monster
Born Pretty
Chez Delaney

Side note on Born Pretty - my readers can use the code "COLE10K31" for 10% off through 3/31 =)

I'll probably think of more as soon as I click publish LOL.  I'll try not to let it be too long before I do the additional parts =)

Thanks for reading.



  1. I think it was at Born Pretty that I got a Hello Kitty plate. I got another from Ebay. Not sure it was the same manufacturer, but the Ebay one worked great!

  2. Duh, I should've watched the video first! Yes, you said the plate you showed was from Born Pretty, and there was Hello Kitty. Beautiful plate that looks like a water marble huh? One more thing, Konad does make a plastic scraper. I use it as I don't like the look of scratches, but thanks for the credit card tip too!

  3. Wonderful tutorial! I gathered how stamping was done by all the blogs I read, but this is the first time I've actually seen it in action. Really looking forward to seeing a tutorial of you actually creating a manicure, to really see it in action!


  4. great video!!!
    which nailpolish did you used to stamp in the video on your nails???
    I love that!!

  5. I really enjoy your tutorials, they're full of priceless informations. I didn't really 'need' these ones as I know about Konad but still, it was nice to learn that you don't have to applyt the polish on all the pattern ,for example, I'll save some polish in the future ;)
    Thank you!

  6. very intense

    please review my revitalash post and ask me questions at:

  7. Wow, those Chez Delaney plates are huge! The nail patterns also look larger. Do you have any? Are they worth the bigger price tag?

  8. Your always so helpful. Your information is spot on. Thank you so much.

  9. Thank you for a tip about applying polish just on a part of the design and then fill the rest of the design with a scraper. It'll save me a lot of nail polish :) x

  10. Hi. may i ask if Caronia / Bobbie Nail polish work for Water Marbling? Thanks.

  11. I can't wait for konad part 2 tutorial,double stamping in particular. Marta

  12. Hi! I really like your blog and your videos on youtube, thanks for all that! I've done a water marbeling and that was really fun. Now I'm thinking about buing a konad set. Most of my questions have been answered, but I wonder though, do you have to use a special nail polish remover on your konad plates?
    Thanks for all the tips! Keep it up!

  13. Can you do something on how to double stamp on long nails? I know a lot of ladies would appreciate it Colette, your stampings always look awesome! People would love to know how you do it! :D

  14. Stamping on long nails can be tricky...any tips or tricks that may help?


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