Tuesday, February 8, 2011

NOTD: Cover Girl Midnight Magic + Disco Dazzle

Up past my bedtime as usual LOL ... might as well make a quick post so I don't fall farther behind!  I started with Cover Girl Midnight Magic, a vampy deep blue, & I almost forgot to take pics of it plain so that's why you get my right hand:
Then I layered Cover Girl Disco Dazzle, a silver-holo hex glitter with smaller plain silver glitters, & it turned into this awesome stars/space/galaxy look:

I really liked this mani ... but I do not like what I have on my nails right now.  They turned out mostly how I intended, but ... they're so pink LOL.  White & pink marbled hearts ... good for Valentine's Day nails, not so good for my personal taste.  I think you'll see what I mean when I post them =)  Hopefully have them up tomorrow.
Until then, thanks for reading!


  1. I like this one a lot! I may have to try it for my next mani!

  2. There's a surprise for you :)


  3. Love this! Looks like it snowed on your nails. Have you read Shadowfever yet? Absolutely loved it and hated for it to end.

  4. Ever thought of taking off the "sale" stickers? It would make for a nicer pic :) If you think about the sticky residue left over, have you heard of "Goo Gone"? It takes off the sticky stuff really good. It just takes a few minutes, but you'll be up even longer past your bedtime, lol.

  5. This is fantastic, I love it and it so suits the length of your nails

  6. Ficou muito chique!!!


  7. I love this combination! Very space-y.

  8. LUCY - I haven't got my hands on it yet =( I am like stalking the library waiting for it to come in!

    LORI IDA - I'll admit I'm usually just too lazy LOL - we even have some Goo Gone XD


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