Monday, February 7, 2011

January Hauls +1

The +1 is because one was just over the weekend, so it's a February haul, but I wanted to post it since I'm making such a massive haul post.  I'd have to look at my receipts to even figure out exactly when I bought all of this LOL, but the majority were in January.  So for the most part they're not in any particular order.
I found an almost-new display of the Milani Glitters at a CVS, but the red & silver were already gone!  I hunted probably about 5 more stores, only saw the display at one other, and it was even more picked over.  So I may pick those 2 up at Cherry Culture, but I did get:
Left to right:  Milani Silver Dazzle, Blue Flash, Purple Gleam, Gold.
Two coupons & two trips to Ulta yielded some pretty good clearance as well as the Katy Perry collection ... well, most of it - the black shatter was completely sold out & I haven't been back yet to see if they've restocked:
Top left to right:  Orly Wandering Vine, OPI Pink of Hearts 2010.  Bottom left to right:  OPI The One That Got Away, Teenage Dream, Last Friday Night & Not Like The Movies.
Sallys - just one trip I think:
Left to right:  Savvy Garland, Finger Paints Tough Art to Follow, Orly White Tips, Orly Elsbeth's Rose.
I came literally within 10 mins of missing the Zoya 3 free polishes promotion - I managed to get my order in on time, it did take weeks to arrive because they had so many, but here are the colors I quickly threw into my shopping cart to take advantage of that code:
Left to right:  Edyta, Crystal, Julieanne.  They need to have another sale now so I can pick up more colors that I passed on!  I love Zoya but I admit I only buy when they have a sale, because they're always so good & they seem to have them so often =)
I had an excellent trip to Big Lots - I've never heard of this brand before, but 3 bottles for $2 was a pretty good deal:
Left to right:  Color Mates Spring Fling, Fuchsia Flash, Cabernet.
All of the Revlon's except for the Perplex were 2-bottle packs for $2 - the trick is to avoid duplicates, since almost all of the 2-packs contain different duos.  I managed not to get any duplicates this round:
Left to right:  Revlon Beach, Ocean Breeze, Grape Icy, Gum Drop, Perplex (x2)
And an awful lot of pinks LOL ... all different but still an awful lot of pinks:
Left to right:  Peach Smoothie, Cotton Candy, Pink Pursuit, Power Walk Pink, Racy Raspberry, Bubble Gum, Orange Pop & Bewitching Bordeaux.
And finally, the oddball out February haul from Target clearance on Sunday - there seemed to be a lot of cosmetics on clearance, like they're making room for the spring stuff or something:

Left to right:  Cover Girl Midnight Magic & Disco Dazzle.  These 2 are on my nails, about to come off in favor of ... yet to be determined.
So, that's the hauls lately =)  Thanks for reading.


  1. Love your Haul!! I also posted a list of my recent polish purchase.

  2. Awesome haul! Thanks for sharing the eye candy!

  3. Is there one brand that consistently marbles well, in all of their colors?

  4. Great haul! I so want Orly Wandering Vine...

    I really wish Zoya's offers would apply internationally, I love Zoya polish (the first high quality nail products I bought were Anchor and Armor, and it wears like iron for me) I nearly cried when they did the 6 green polishes thing last year (it's my favourite colour), and this Facebook one is so heartbreaking :(

    I'm glad for all the bloggers who can take advantage though :)

  5. Great haul :-) I have seen some lovely Milani 3D holo polishes around which are just lovely. I am from the UK do you know where i could order milani from? I just can't seem to find it anywhere :-( x

  6. What a great haul!!
    I love them all!
    Especially the pink ones, since it's my favorite colour!!

  7. Great finds :) I'm heading to the States next week and hope haul back a bunch of goodies :)

  8. those revlon polishes are to die for i especially love the lime green color! can't be beat at $1.00

  9. Hey Colette, I got the Milani glitters, I managed to get the red one also, I got mine from Cherry Culture yesterday, I ordered when they had 20% discount. Love your other polishes also, wish I could find cheap like you here in the UK.

  10. If you don't manage to find the OPI Black shatter, China Glaze just lounged a whole collection of shatter polishes, black, white, silver, turquoise, purple etc.
    I'm quite sure you already know that, but just in case;-)

  11. Great haul! I'm jealous that you go Perplex! I have to send out my girlfriend to go looking again. She hasn't been able to find it. Maybe since Spring stuff is coming in she'll be able to find it. Fingers crossed!

  12. I love those Milani one coat glitters. I also think you're the first person I've seen mention the 3-pack polishes from Big Lots manufactured by Diamond Cosmetics. I got two of those packs but haven't worn any.

  13. The Last Friday Night polish from OPI is my favorite polish of all time. I use it when I don't have enough time to do my nails, because it's so pretty and it dries really quick. :)


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