Thursday, April 15, 2010

TOTD: China Glaze Stella

Got these edited so I'm going to post them - hoping I've got time to edit 2 NOTDs also, but I've got some cooking to do tonight so I'm not sure.  We'll see =)

Sometimes I have trouble picking a color for my pedi ... I don't want anything too fabulous, since it's so far away LOL, but I don't want anything boring either.  This time I chose China Glaze Stella to fit the bill & I'm really enjoying it, I've had this on since I think Sunday:

I know a lot of people like brighter colored pedis, and I'll do that on occasion, but a shimmery dark color is more up my alley.  Seems somehow more versatile with whatever happens to end up on my nails, less distracting - since I'm certainly not going to do my toes as often just to match LOL.  I honestly hate doing my toes, it's a pain in the butt, but I hate them even worse unpainted =)

Thanks for reading,



  1. Hey, great color on you. I love a good pedi. =)

  2. I love doing pedis. I guess for some people it's hard to bend down and reach their toes.

  3. LACQUER WARE - Thanks

    ARRIANNE - it's not so much that they're hard to reach as I have trouble remembering to be careful while they're wet - seems like almost every time I have to redo a toe or too due to my clumsiness LOL

  4. I love this color, and I have those sandals, too! They are pretty comfy and nice, I think.


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