Wednesday, April 21, 2010

400+ Followers! & Some Random Pic Spam

Great googly-moogly!  LOL I have to say I'm tickled pink as well as flattered.  Especially as sporadic as I've been posting lately, as behind as I am with comments, that I've managed to make & break the 400 mark.  Thank you, each and every one, for taking the time to stop by & listen to me ramble about polish & life in general.  =)

I'm not exactly behind posting, at least as far as nails are concerned, but there are a few things I've been wanting to put up, so I'm just going to add them here for some visual interest =)

I'm going to start with just a few pics from the flower show, I went with Mom, Grandma & Uncle the day after Easter.  When you first entered, there were all these cool butterflies hanging from the ceiling:

The theme was up & away or something like that, so they had a little hot air balloon:

Then of course lots of flowers ... I always have a little trouble because often shooting with the flash washes everything out, but no flash & everything is fuzzy.  So I was disappointed with a lot of my pics but here are some that turned out half-decent:

Next bit of randomness, Sam at work got a new tattoo, and I thought it was pretty cool.  She got the design from a stained glass window, I think it would be a great design to recreate on my nails:

Our garden at home is loving this early spring!  My strawberry patch has soooo many flowers, and there's lots of decorative stuff blooming too:

At Grandma's house, her plum trees are blossoming:

We've got ducks in our neighborhood too ... they seem to think our yard is a fine place to hang out:

And, last bit of randomness, is a pic of Dude I snapped yesterday.  He was rolling in the grass just prior to this, but I missed getting that =)

I hope all 400+ of my followers, and all my other loyal readers by other means, are having as nice of a spring as I am so far.  Thanks - always - for reading =)



  1. Love your blog! What beautiful pictures, it had to be a great day at the flower show. :)

  2. Gorgeous pics! I love your blog =) Congrats on so many followers!

  3. Hey Colette - CONGRATULATIONS! You well deserve it, I just love your posts, including these kinds of posts! I just love the flower show pictures, and your dog is GORGEOUS.

  4. Congrats on so many followers!!! Just wanted to say that I LOVE your blog!!! *hugs*

  5. EVERYONE - Thank you all! =)


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