Monday, April 19, 2010

Much More Comfortable =)

My old desk chair - which was really not a proper desk chair at all - has been dying a slow death for quite a while.  I finally replaced it, when I went to Ikea to get another Helmer.  I actually sat in this chair when I bought my first 2 Helmers LOL, but I wasn't willing to shell out the cash at the time.  It is sooo comfortable, partly because the back really reclines a lot, nice for when I need to spin to the side & watch TV =) This is Ikea's Marcus:

& yes, since it came from Ikea I did in fact have to assemble it - & got through  the process without incident!  I was half-afraid I'd break a nail, but although I did have several painfully clumsy moments, my mani is intact - I  didn't even chip my polish.  Took less than an hour for the actual assembly, which was a releif because I wasn't sure how complicated it was going to be.

I've still got to make dinner, then eat it, soooo... not sure I'm going to have time to edit pics & change my mani both, but I thought I could throw this up quick to show I had a good reason (at least today LOL) for falling behind =)

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  1. I envy you SO HARD right now. I have wanted this exact chair for a while myself, but am contenting myself with a chair from my dining room set at the moment. Let us know how it treats you. ;)

  2. Ohhh shiny!! I will need a new chair at the office soon, the one I have is killing my back :( So, do you mind telling us how does it fells after you`ve sat in it a few hours? :)

  3. it looks so comfy but I think I don't need another chair right now, have got plenty ^^

  4. CH3RRYCO1A, LIANA, AMUSEDPOLISH - Since I am so late answering I can let you know that I LOVE it! Even after sitting it it for hours, it is so comfortable I have almost fallen asleep in it more than once.


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