Friday, April 2, 2010

April Resolutions Check

It's the beginning of another month, which means time to assess my progress ... or lack thereof.  So here we go:
  • Losing Weight - Down 2 lbs for March.  Considering I was only managing a workout about once a week, I'm going to count this a win.  I don't diet, but I think I'm doing pretty good with portion control.
  • Budget - Meh.  I spent over $1500.00 on my car ... exhaust manifold, oil pans, ball joints, etc.  Ugh, it was painful, I promise you.  I did do my taxes, but these repairs ate up all of my refund plus most of what I'd managed to save since the beginning of the year.  So I'm kind of starting from scratch here again ... and going on another no-buy ... probably just as soon as I take advantage of this Fabulous Street Nfu-Oh sale LOL =)
  • Schedule - Huge FAIL.  Lack of focus & lack of motivation & lord only knows what-all else.  I did so well with this in January, I'm not sure why Feb & March were both so hard but I'm going to try & get back to where I was.
  • Reading - As of today, I stand at 15 books for the year (I'm about due for another book post).  I am well aware that would be an amazing feat for a lot of people, but if I continue at this pace I'll only be at  60 for the year, far short of my goal of 100.  Yet, I finished my last book in only 1 day because I found I just couldn't put it down.  So I think I'm on the right path here.
  • Socializing - No comment.  Unless you count shopping, I didn't go "out" at all last month.
  • Comments - Well, I managed to get caught up ... for like a day =(  I'm so sorry to everyone who takes the time to comment, this is on my to-do list but I've managed to get like 2-3 week behind again.  I try to keep up better with emails, but ... well.
  • Throughout Me - Only 1 post all month.  Enough said I think.  I don't know what I need to do to get myself on track here.  I originally thought the hurdle would be getting it started in the first place, I thought that once I had an outlet it would be easy to keep up at least  post a week... but it's obviously not that simple.
Overall, I just don't know.  My intentions are pure, LOL, but my actions lag behind.  Yet, I haven't given up yet either.  These are still all things that I want to do, and continue to strive for.  Eventually, that's got to pay off ... right?  How are you doing with your resolutions?  Leave a comment & share the pain LOL =)

Usually on a Friday I spend the evening with family, at my grandparent's house, but I am home tonight because we will be getting together Sunday for Easter.  So I have every intention of spending the evening right here, catching up =)  On my to-do/post list:
  • HAULS.  Yes, capital letters are required LOL.  Several Ulta trips plus an online haul =)
  • Sally Hansen Opulent Cloud NOTD
  • Easter Creme Swirl Water Marble NOTD with a tutorial also
  • Orly Rage NOTD
  • First "real" TOTD of the year, by real I mean they actually got to be shown off in sandals =)
  • Catch up on some lovely awards & tags that I've received
  • The book post I mentioned above
I really don't know that I'll get all that done tonight, but I think I will at least get all the nail stuff up, and the rest by the end of the weekend.  Thanks for reading.



  1. Eh, who needs socializing when you have nail polish and books! =D Just kidding. I never make resolutions, cause well I know I won't follow through with them. I like to be blissfully ignorant to all the changes I need to make, haha. Though of course I can't. I can't wait to see another marble mani!

  2. ARIANNE - LOL I think I may agree with you, I don't think I've made another of these posts because I've been failing so miserably on them all.


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