Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Green Tips & Toes

Tips first - I'm not quite sure how old this polish is, as it was a dollar store find. It went on reeeaaally badly, but I have to blame it more on the brush than the polish, I probably should heave cleaned off a different brush to use but it seemed like so much hassle... This is 4 coats later, Maybelline Celadon Shimmer konied with Green Special Polish & plate m56:

On to the toes - I am loving this color but the sucky part is it's been too cold here lately to wear sandals! Not only cold but rainy & generally dreary ... although we do need the moisture & blada blada blah. This is Sally Hansen Lacquer Shine in Glow:

I did both of these actually on Sunday, but I've been too busy since then to post. I am still waaaaay behind with so many things half-written up in drafts, but I know things will settle down soon.

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  1. I like the green color of your hands! it is a color that express like happiness .. well to me hahaha but it certainly looks very well on your hands :D ... I just started my blog .. if u have time .. would u like to check it and give me your opinion please? =) Thanks in advance :D

  2. Nice tips and toes love it! And you made it look very nice!

  3. I love Glow it's wicked cute, might use that as a pedi too! I love your mani, the tips are adorable with that pattern and shade ^^

  4. Great minds think alike - I went green this week too. :-) Great colors you chose, and love the darker green tips on your fingers!

  5. Love that manicure and pedicure. Very pretty colors. I've been on a green kick for a few months now. Can't seem to get enought of it.

  6. DANZITA - Looks like you are just getting started but I've found for me the main thing is to share what you enjoy.

    KITTYLUVSCOLOR - Thanks =)

    CLOCKWORK - I loved Glow, I was going to leave it on for 2 weeks but ended up chipping it =(

    JAMIE D - I think green may be tied with blue for 2nd-favorite color (1st is of course purple)

    LUCY - Even with as much polish is out there, green seems to be under-represented. I love it =)


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