Thursday, June 25, 2009

Very Pink NOTD & I'm Adorable =)

Pink isn't usually my thing. If I had to pick a least favorite color, it's probably down there with orange ... but I am learning to appreciate both colors on my nails at least. And for today's lesson in appreciating all colors, I'm wearing Claire's Lulu Belle Konied with Black Special Polish & plate m40. This neon pink has some holographic glitter in it, which I did manage to catch in one out of focus thumb pic, and was distractingly bright on my nails all day =):

As a bonus, I haven't found anything My Nails Look Like lately, I guess I haven't been looking too hard, but I couldn't miss my mom's roses when I was taking the sun pics:

Also, Lachelle from Polished Beauty Blog gave me an award!

The Adorable Blog Award rules are as follows:
  • Include the logo in your blog or post
  • Nominate as many blogs which you like
  • Be sure to link your nominees within your post
  • Let them know that they have received this award by commenting on their blog
  • Share the love and link to this post and to the person from whom you received this award.

Now, I've got a notoriously long blogroll, so it was really hard to pick just a few to pass this award along to. (Especially since this award is making the rounds & I'd like to shout out some blogs that haven't received it yet LOL!) Otherwise I'd get no sleep posting comment notifications LOL. So I'm limiting myself to 5, and here they are:

The Nailphile - The blog that started it all for me. I love lots of blogs now but I'll always remember that it was Siobhan who hooked me into the blogosphere & inspired me to start my own.
La Passion Des Ongles - Really great manis & konis. I also love that she shows her natural nails periodically, it's always nice to see what's behind all the polish.
Polish Pixie - Another of the first blogs I started reading & still love.
Sasse's 'Nad Stamping Stampede - Great Konad tips & pictures!
Alexlyndra - NOTDs with some really unique nail art & FOTDs too. A lot of blogs from other parts of the world all I can do is look at pics but I appreciate that she gives translations.

Check out the rest of my favorites to the right =) And, as always, thanks for reading.



  1. Very pretty! I love those two colors together.

  2. What a color!
    I'm so jealous of the polishes sold by Claire's in the US: first you get the bigger bottles (whereas the ones sold here in Europe are tiny teeny things) and the colors I have seen on many blogs are just... va-vooom!
    Oh I guess this is not the right place for a rant, sorry ^_^
    Again it's a lovely eye-catching mani Colette :o)

  3. Oh thank you ! I'm enormously pleased that you say ! I will follow the thread !

  4. How pretty your nails look Colette. I don't wear orange either. I do have some though. I love that holo, it's really nice and glittery. Love the Konad design. It is a supremely girly look! Very pretty. Congrats on your award. I give you my own award for the most fabulous pictures!

  5. NATALIE - Thanks =)

    CHOCOADDICT - Small bottles are so frustrating, especially as your nails grow longer & you have to use more each mani!

    SAKURA - You're welcome =)

    LUCY - Thank you =)


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