Wednesday, June 3, 2009

NOTD: Vampy French

I got it in my head I wanted something really dark & cool that I could Konad something complimentary on. I had a lineup of 4-5 polishes from my unworn pile (well, more of a mountain at the moment LOL) & the choice I finally made was Color Club Catwalk Queen konied with China Glaze Joy. Joy is almost exactly the color of the shimmer, which you can see a little better if you click to see larger.

I LOVE this mani. I had a couple of application problems, but they were all the fault of clumsiness - the Color Club went on just about flawlessly. And they're not obvious on the finished product so I'm not going to whine about it & point them out as I usually do LOL ... it's been a hell of a day & I really need to not dwell on the negative. I am in a fact hurrying to finish this post so I can devote my full attention to So You Think You Can Dance. So here are the pics:

I did this mani last night, and I am just now getting home so I worked through all of the sunshine today =( Which brings up a question for you, my readers: Do you like, love, hate or feel indifferent to the sun pics being posted up a day or 2 later? Should I continue or not bother? Leave a comment & let me know - and as always, thanks for reading.



  1. Lovely! I think you can post the pictures whenever you want... just so I get to see them! Thanks for sharing! I love reading!

  2. I really like this. The design on the tip is so light but so pretty and girly. Loving it!! :]

  3. Pretty manicure! Very dainty, yet vampy. I hope you have a relaxing evening to make up for your day :) I like your pictures anytime you want to post them.

  4. Keep those pictures coming. This is a classy and beautiful manicure. I love the color and the shimmer tip. I love the design of the Konad. I really love when the design is in the same color family. Just gorgeous. Thanks for all the pleasure your blog gives me. I really enjoy the manicures you do.

  5. === post away! ===

    I like to see polish's in different lighting and conditions.

    This Koand-mani is very pretty. I like this color combo.

  6. This is really slick and pretty, I like the combination here.

  7. SUSAN - Thanks =)

    OLIVIA - Thanks =)

    MARY - Thanks, my evening did go great!

    LUCY - So glad you enjoy =) I originally saw this tip patter over at The Nailphile & knew right away I would have to order it - this is the first time I've used it & it's so cool.

    DEE - Thanks - I'll keep all the different pics coming =)

    KITTYLUVSCOLOR - Thanks =)

    CLOCKWORK - These colors really are meant for each other =)


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