Saturday, June 13, 2009

Books 29 thru 38

Catchup time! I didn't realize quite how far behind I was, hehe... So here's a very VERY long book post. I think I'll try to keep myself from dropping the ball quite this badly in the future LOL. I tried to write a little something about each book, but a couple of them there just wasn't anything that still stood out as worth mentioning after this long. Kind of filler in between other books I looked more forward too I guess. Of course, a couple are just so far down the timeline of the series it's hard to not give huge spoilers to earlier books.

Curse the Dawn
Cassie Palmer Book 4
Karen Chance

You know, time travel can be tricky. There are so many ways to come at it, and of course you have to be careful with the space-time continuum. But, even though the main character does have the gift to shift herself through time & space, this book almost all took place in the present, which was kind of a nice change from the jumping around that went on in the previous 3 books.

Dead And Gone
Southern Vampires Book 9
Charlaine Harris

Some of you may be familiar with the TV series based on this series of books, HBO's True Blood. The second season actually starts this Sunday, 6/14 & I am super excited to see what happens. Even though I've read the books, the TV show has already made some changes to the storyline, so I don't feel confident in what I think is going to happen next. The good thing is that so far all of the changes have been good ones - best example may be Sookie's friend Tara, who has been in the TV series since the first episode, but who didn't actually make an appearance in the books until the end of book 2.

Fire Raiser
Melanie Rawn

This book was hard to enjoy because I felt like the author was kind of preaching at me. I mean, most fantasy is on the more liberal-minded side of things, but there's a difference between including it & shoving it down your throat. And this was perilously close to shoving.

Dead If I Do
Garnet Lacey Book 4
Tate Halloway

I always get an added kick out of this series because it's set right over the border in Wisconsin. Lots of little midwestern jokes that probably aren't as funny to people from other areas LOL.

Under Cover
MaryJanice Davidson

An even more local author - MaryJanice Davidson lives right here in Minneapolis and many of her stories are set here. It's endlessly entertaining for me to see artistic license taken with my own area.

Time Hunters Book 3
Angela Knight

Time travel again, which as I've already said can be tricky. This series however the "present" is really in the future, and the time travel is more of the sci-fi variety (mechanical) than the fantasy variety (psychic power).

Magic Strikes
Kate Daniels Book 3
Ilona Andrews

After I finished this, I looked to find out when book 4 is coming & had the disappointing discovery that while Ilona has a book set to drop in the fall, it's from an all new series & I don't see a release date for the next in this series. =(

Santa Olivia
Jacqueline Carey

After I read this, I saw on the authors own website describes the genre of this book as "postmodern fable". It's a whole different kind of feel than her other 2 series, focusing around a heroine who doesn't feel fear. Even open-minded as I went into it - I was trying not to expect anything - the storyline still wasn't anything I could have expected.

Dresden Files Book "0"
Jim Butcher

This little novella is actually told from Harry's brother's point of view. Most websites I've seen classify it as part of the Dresden Files (which are otherwise all told from Harry's perspective), but I really wouldn't mind a full-length novel from this angle.

Skin Trade
Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter Book 17
Laurell K. Hamilton

Yeah, that's right, number 17 and yeah, that's a crapload of books to have in a series. Which is absolutely wonderful as far as I'm concerned. This one was quite long (almost 500 pages) but I had been looking forward to it so much I finished it in 2 days last weekend.

So, I'm caught up with books for the moment =) Now if I can just get caught up with everything else...

Thanks for reading.



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  2. Sorry, made a boo-boo so I deleted my first post...
    Looks like the next book in the Kate Daniels series is out June next year, Colette. It's called "Magic Bleeds". There is a novella about Rafael and Andrea in the "Must Love Hellhounds" anthology out in September this year, but no Kate in that, I think.
    Ilona's new "Edge" series looks very good, though - she has the first chapter up on her website. Love MJ Davidson - she's always so funny, although I have to say her Betsy series is starting to wane on me a little. Too many books, not enough plot to fill them :)

  3. NIXXY - I will have to check out Ilona's website, usually I check fantastic fiction because a lot of the time they're the most up to date, but not in this case I guess =) I'm already on the waiting list at the library for Must Love Hellhounds, and speaking of Betsy I picked up Undead & Unwelcome yesterday - but I was just saying to my friend I wish MJ would do another full length novel on the werewolves (although they are making an appearance in this Betsy book).

  4. ohh wow i love the true blood tv series are the books any good soo interested im in australia im not sure where to find them damn....

  5. NAILZ - I just watched the premeire of Season 2 of True Blood last night! I don't have HBO so usually have to wait but Comcast is giving a free month so I got to see it right away =)

  6. Hey colette yay sooo happy about season 2 yeah i dont have foxtel so i cant watch it but i did find episode 1 season 2 on you tube w0oo00ot so excited =[ (<---vampire hehehe)

  7. NAILZ - Enjoy! I love how the show is just a little different from the books =)


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