Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A Quick Note On Biotin

I just did something that I'm POSITIVE would have broken my nail before I started taking biotin. I'm in between manis so my nails are naked, I'm my usual clumsy self - I felt it bend, I winced in dread & anticipation, looked for the tear, the crack, ready to run for the silk patches & gel glue ... nothing there. Not even the kind of "scar" that sometimes shows up after you've traumatized your nail. Perfectly normal, fine, flawless, gorgeous nail. *knocks on wood ... several times* I just have to say I'm impressed, and hope I don't jinx myself.

If you google on biotin, you're going to get a ton of hits, so I'll try to sum up my knowledge that I got from poking around the Internet:
  • The more the better. Some people taking small doses reported no noticeable change in their nails. The bottle I have the pills are 5000mcg each.
  • It's good for your hair as well as your nails.
  • It's water-soluble - basically this means you can't take too much, your body absorbs what it needs to make stronger nails & hair & anything left over you ... uhhh ... well, not to beat around the bush, you pee out anything extra.
  • It's CHEAP - my grandma ordered mine for me from a Puritan's Pride catalogue where she gets her vitamins, & I don't remember the exact total but they were having a buy 2 get 3 free offer, each bottle has 60 pills, so for around 15 bucks I got enough to last me almost a year.

And, of course, the point of this post is it works. I decided I'll make an effort to remember to show some pics of my natural nails around once a month, as I finish growing out my problem nails. I'll even show the right hand occasionally, but with no polish the patches are looking a bit rough at the moment so not today. Here's my left:

You can follow my progress under the tag Naked Nails =) With some of my nails, I thought I was just about at the limit of being able to still type comfortably ... but I keep not filing them & I keep still being able to type. So we'll see how long I can handle & stay functional LOL. Thanks for reading.



  1. you can take too much biotin - it can cause acne in high doses in some people. see this yt vid:

    btw- i LOVE your blog :)!!

  2. Your nails are amazing,ive recently started Biotin I hope it has the results of your g0rjuz nails.Thanx for the post hun was starting to think it didnt work.Take care =D

  3. Your nails are just gorgeous. I've been taking Biotin for months. I really believe it's helped my nails. They were really peeling bad. Every single one of them. Now I just have a few peeling on the very ends. My hair has grown also.

  4. BEATRIZ - I checked out that video - that's really too bad it didn't agree with her. I did see a few reports of acne when I looked around, but I'd forgotten about them because I thankfully didn't end up with that side effect. Glad you're enjoying my blog =)

    NAILZ - It definitely takes a few months to get the full effect. But nails are partly about being patient, and it pays off =)

    LUCY - It's been good for my hair too, noticeably thicker & seems healthier.

  5. wow thank god i read this because i was giving up on biotin. i started taking 5mg daily for almost three months and my nails have shown absolutely no changes. i marked my nail the day i started taking it and granted, it hasnt grown all the way to the end yet but i thought i'd at least see SOME change... hopefully i will in another three months!

  6. KAREN - It does seem like it takes a long time, but it will be worth it in the end!

  7. Oh COLETTE....may I call you COLES for short..so much more " simple" like a MP3.
    Surely you mean ACE?
    Because what we are all hearing is that you all DOGIK?
    And you do it with GYRAM?
    And also LEO?
    And DYST to REDST has signatures - GEOLOGIE- and that's one more for
    " Quick Notes" - ONTARIO, with Nevada.


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