Monday, June 15, 2009

Shade Pics

Just a quick post, I'll be doing a new mani tonight but probably won't have pics ready until tomorrow, but I did snap a quick pic of the Adore koni before I took it off. The Romantique collection is so great & awesome & reflective it was hard to see the pattern in the pics I posted yesterday, so here is a shot in the shade:

Like I said, I was disappointed with my matching the edges on the double-stamp, and even just the application on the ones with 1 stamp left something to be desired. It wasn't HORRIBLE (I wouldn't have worn it even 1 day if it was LOL) but it was, at the very least, irritating.

Thanks for reading.



  1. I like this Konadicure. Pretty shade of polish. I also like the design.

  2. I think it looks just fine. Love the stamp, and the colors you chose are just perfect together.

    Happy polishing - I'm doing my nails tonight too.

  3. LUCY - Thanks =)

    JAMIE - Thanks =)

  4. I like it, especially the combination of the colors ^^


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