Thursday, June 2, 2011

NOTD: Zoya Reva

From the Summertime collection, Zoya Reva is a beautiful red with gold sparkle.  I really wasn't quite happy with how any of the pics turned out, they make the red look much brighter than it was IRL, so picture this a little deeper & darker:
I broke my pinky nail deep into the quick on both sides while wearing this =( 

My own clutziness to blame, I  put in my air conditioning unit Monday with no mishaps & then somehow managed to bend it backwards while I was stretching in my chair at work.  I still don't know exactly how I did it.  Polish remover sucked big time but I managed to get through it & give it some support with a patch.
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  1. I did that same thing on my pinky finger a couple weeks ago cept I ripped it almost totally off. Dog Training accident!! I had to cut the little tab that was still attached. That hurt worse than anything. My Nail Guy was able to repair with a new nail. I still have to be very careful till it grows out some. OUCH

  2. Ouchie! I hope it grows out fast!x

  3. Somehow with your long nail the break looks even more horrible. That must've really hurt! I have Reva also. Zoya has so many amazing polishes. Is anyone else having problems with Google and posting?

  4. pretty color, and OUCH!
    I've saved lots of nails thanks to you!

  5. Love this color a lot . It's beautiful & sorry for the nail mishap .

  6. Very nice color indeed... You have very beautiful nails :)

  7. looking at it hurts!! I have to say that when i do get a break i've ditched the whole patching and just do a thin layer of acrylic. Lasts way longer and i don't have to keep redoing the patches with every manicure change.

  8. Beautiful polish color and SUPER ouchies on the nail break :(


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