Friday, June 3, 2011

FAQ: Orange Sticks

You would not BELIEVE how many questions about orange sticks I get on YouTube ... is this some kind of regional slang do you think, like the difference between soda & pop?  What do you call them?  I only realized after I specifically looked at the package that it didn't say orange stick on it, that they were being called  "nail care sticks" ... whatever, it's still an orange stick to me LOL
If you're one of the people who don't know what an orange stick is - well I finally caved in & explained:
Thanks for reading =)



  1. LOL awesome holding back the giggles:D wow, you really get that many questions about orange sticks?! yikes lol

  2. I always called them cuticle sticks. I remember getting a Sally Hansen nail repair kit years and years ago and the package said "cuticle stick included" so thats just what I always thought of them as. I never heard anyone use the term orange stick until your videos but I knew exactly what it was you were using.

  3. While it sounds silly to you, I could find no place in Texas: Sally's, Wal-mart, Target, Walgreens, CVS, etc that sold anything with the name Orange Sticks or Orange Wood Sticks. My friend Lena and I are smart girls, but we definitely didn't know what in the world an orange stick was. A google image search was the only way we found out. lol

  4. hmm I've always known and referred to them as orange sticks, but I don't think the packages I buy actually are called that. They are called "birchwood sticks".

  5. woaaah ._. hmm, there's so many terms for 'orange stick' like 'cuticle pusher' and 'hoof stick' :P

  6. It's interesting... I have always used the orange sticks, but until a few time ago, I had no idea of its name... lol I always called it the "little stick"...

    What a perfect time for the bus to pass by... :-)

    God bless!

  7. In Sweden we call them orange sticks also (orangepinnar) :)

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  9. it's funny, in French we say ''bâtonnet de Buis'', bâtonnets means little sticks and the Buis is a kind of plants, surely it's made of this wood. maybe in English it orange wood.

    But i've understood that you were talking about a pointy stick... Personnaly i've found in my kitchen very long 'tooth sticks', surely it is used for cook food in a fire if you see...

    anyway, thank you for your videos, it's very usefull, i've discover water marbelling with you and now i'm... in the practise step lol. i also loved your video with the comparasion of crackles.
    you've got so much polishes ! i'm jealous!

    Nice blog !


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