Sunday, June 12, 2011

More OPI Shatters & Icing Glitters

So, that no-buy that was supposed to last through the end of June ... well, it didn't.  Crashed & burned in spectacular fashion, although I suppose it could be worse.  I got some more OPI Shatters & one from the Pirates of the Caribbean collection at Ulta:
Then I happened into an Icing:
Top:  Matte Smoke Screen, Chartruesly Yours, Mood Swing Stormy/Serene.  Bottom:  Golden Touch, Green with Envy, Starlight, Epic Winning, Birds of Paradise.
Here's the vid:
I'm going to attempt & go back to being on a no-buy again... but then again, when do those metallic China Glaze Crackles come out? =)  Thanks for reading.


  1. Icing has fast become one of my favourite places to get polishes. I like the price, I like the colours, and I like the formulas. :)

    No buys are HARD!

  2. I was on a no buy for June but I was on the hunt for black glitter polish. Not black with silver or colored glitter but actual black glitter. I found Nicole Pitch Black on ebay but it would have been $20 with shipping! So, because I was ticked off over this, I bought 2 Nfu-Oh flakes for $25 and free shipping! I am going to attempt no buy again for June because the metallic crackles are out in July I believe lol!

  3. Hey Colette, Have you heard about the burst crackle. Its available on trans design. Let me know, I just ordered them but I live in Canada so it will be a lil while before I get my hands on them. lol

  4. haha I always tell myself that I wouldn't buy nailpolish..but that never lasts. hehe but ohhh so jealous that you got the OPI shatter polishes!!

  5. Do you have any new ideas for doing a 4th of July inspired nail with the crackle/shatter polishes? I loved the water marble red, white, and blue, but I haven't mastered the technique yet. Any ideas would be appreciated.

  6. I believe Pure Ice has a line of crackle polishes. I Saw a bunch at my Walgreens a few days ago, so if you're interested in more crackles you can give it a shot! They had a lot of fun colors too!

  7. The new Crackles are supposed to be out next month I can't wait!!!

  8. First, I LOVE your blog!

    I just wanted to say that I have the Icing Mood Polish you just purchased. It did take 4 coats to get it to the way I like it to look and of course I used Seche top coat, it has become one of my favorite colors I think you are going to really like it once you wear it (beware even at 4 coats and the seche it still chips easy).

    And if I may be so bold to answer anonymous- I just got the Pure Ice Crackles the other day and I found mine at Walgreens so they are already in the wild (I live in Southern California if that helps) Have not used them yet but I liked the colors.

  9. You might as well give it up. lol

    I need to find an Icing store next time I am in the Valley. I think that there is one at Arrowhead Town Centre. Haven't been in that mall for a while. Time to pay it a visit, methinks. :)

  10. So weird, I literally just bought Red Shatter yesterday!

  11. I want try those cracke nail polish from OPI :D
    Thank you for sharing ;)

    Follow me, if you still aren't ;)
    Have a fashionable day! <3
    IT *

  12. I have to be on a no buy. Root canal that I paid $300 on and owe another $1042! You made some nice choices on your no buy!

  13. Why don't you try the barry m range of instant nail effects,, there are 4 different colours and they look great!!! hope you try them oout... bye!!! ;)

  14. I went out and bought Epic Winning after I saw it on your blog. My room mate and I both love it. It truly is an epic win!

  15. I need to go on a no buy, how funny that I have the exact same situation as Lucy, just had a root canal and paid for a crown. Its really hard though cause I just discovered Nfu oh flakies and really wanna try their holos now :( :(


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