Tuesday, June 14, 2011

NOTD: OPI Have You Seen My Limo?

So, I'm trying not to actually fall a full week behind - this is last Wednesday's mani, so I'm squeaking past by the skin of my teeth LOL.  This is OPI Have You Seen My Limo?  It's a very dark ... color.  Purple?  Burgundy?  Weird brown?  Well, that all depends on the angle & the lighting:

I liked it a lot, but I feel oddly stumped trying to describe it past beautiful =)  Thanks for reading.



  1. This is in my top 3 polishes, I love it! Such an interesting subtle duochrome.

  2. I'll have to try this one, Colette. I do love me some Cherry Dr. Pepper... this kinda reminds me of that! LOL! Very vampy & sexy!

  3. I have heard abouT this polish before, I don't remember loving it so much! Very pretty! Thanks for posting.

  4. Great timing, just bought it last week and loving it to death already!!

  5. I have this and love it a lot, but I agree - so hard to describe in words ;)

  6. I have a question. Have you ever done a test with Konad stamping polish, noname stamping polish and regular nail polish? I've just done my first stamping with a noname polish and I wonder if I possibly can get any better results with Konad?

    Thanks for a great blog!
    My Nail Mania/Sweden

  7. Love seeing these polishes. This is a beauty.


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