Sunday, June 26, 2011

NOTD: Icing Golden Touch

Had kind of a busy weekend, so I didn't get caught up as much as planned - this is still like 3 or maybe 4 manis ago, but I actually went out on Saturday night, so I spent the day getting ready & doing some running around, rather than catching up around here.  More on my night out at the White Out including some pics of me & the ladies I went with will be upcoming on my other blog =)
Black with colored glitter is always a good look when done well - by which I mean you can actually see the glitter on the nail as well as you can see it in the bottle =)  And Icing's Golden Touch definitely did it well, actually even better than it shows in pics.  Why do glitters seem to always need a topcoat so badly?  You can see in the first pic how dull it dried before I added Seche on my index compared to the other nails that are already top coated:

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  1. what is your other blog called? :D

  2. This is a great black glitterd polish. I hate when it just looks lumpy and the glitter doesn't show.

  3. Beautiful polish. I'm attracted to glitter polishes as well and noticed the same thing, when I used OPI teenage dream it was like sandpaper on my nails until I added like two top coats. Beautiful polish though and very tough to remove. Do you have any tips for removing really glittery polish.
    Thanks LIV


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